Nothing grinds my gears quite like this bullshit about trans identified men having "periods".

"I have every symptom except the bleeding! I spend DAYS on the couch crying, eating ice cream, and downing pain killers like a real woman!!!" So you have every symptom EXCEPT the only symptom required to menstruate? If you aren't bleeding it's not a period, this is the most simple concept in the world (besides the concept of only two immutable sexes) and they are so disturbingly ignorant of it.

I'm not even arguing that it's insulting to real women to fake periods and reduce them to stomach cramps and moodiness (even though it fucking is), but the idea that you can know the definition of menstruation and still say TIMs menstruate is such horseshit I can't deal with it. And they die on this hill! You can't be reasonable with them and politely and calmly point out that lack of shedding of the uterine lining means that whatever symptoms TIMs experience is not due to menstruation.

It's infuriating and one of the things that pushed me to peak.