Who wants to bet his friend got her period and he decided he wanted to skinwalk her?

That was my first thought.

Also, Midol dealer? I hate how they think that happens so often. Girls and women learn to prepare for their period pretty quickly after we first get it. Although I feel safe and comfortable asking a woman for a pad, tampon, etc. I'm just not often in that situation to begin with.

I think I've taken Midol maybe once? These people think we are walking stereotypes, and that we're constantly starting our periods on short notice without any inkling of our cycles or ability to plan ahead. The more I think about this comment, the more insulting it is to women and girls. Midol dealer. This is pure fantasy. I wonder if he has ever actually interacted with a woman.

If it's not just fantasy I'll bet he's friends with a bunch of handmaidens who are tripping over themselves to validate him.