Nothing grinds my gears quite like this bullshit about trans identified men having "periods".

"I have every symptom except the bleeding! I spend DAYS on the couch crying, eating ice cream, and downing pain killers like a real woman!!!" So you have every symptom EXCEPT the only symptom required to menstruate? If you aren't bleeding it's not a period, this is the most simple concept in the world (besides the concept of only two immutable sexes) and they are so disturbingly ignorant of it.

I'm not even arguing that it's insulting to real women to fake periods and reduce them to stomach cramps and moodiness (even though it fucking is), but the idea that you can know the definition of menstruation and still say TIMs menstruate is such horseshit I can't deal with it. And they die on this hill! You can't be reasonable with them and politely and calmly point out that lack of shedding of the uterine lining means that whatever symptoms TIMs experience is not due to menstruation.

It's infuriating and one of the things that pushed me to peak.

"A cis friend and I literally started cramping on the same day last week... I have become the Midol dealer among my friends. But yeahhh, I understand how some girls who don't get cramps feel like they're missing out, but yeahhh I'd rather be kicked in the nether region in terms of pain and discomfort."

Who wants to bet his friend got her period and he decided he wanted to skinwalk her? "I totally have cramps too, fellow woman! Here is some midol, now give me your used tampon for my fetish validation or you're a bigot!"

Who wants to bet his friend got her period and he decided he wanted to skinwalk her?

That was my first thought.

Also, Midol dealer? I hate how they think that happens so often. Girls and women learn to prepare for their period pretty quickly after we first get it. Although I feel safe and comfortable asking a woman for a pad, tampon, etc. I'm just not often in that situation to begin with.

I think I've taken Midol maybe once? These people think we are walking stereotypes, and that we're constantly starting our periods on short notice without any inkling of our cycles or ability to plan ahead. The more I think about this comment, the more insulting it is to women and girls. Midol dealer. This is pure fantasy. I wonder if he has ever actually interacted with a woman.

If it's not just fantasy I'll bet he's friends with a bunch of handmaidens who are tripping over themselves to validate him.

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We could do that my connecting your colon to your.... crevice for 2 weeks.... oh and inserting a couple bladder stones...

Oh and a severe hangover... for 2 weeks

I don't need a simulated one, I have a monthly cycle. Many trans women do. No bleeding but every other symptom. I've been formally diagnosed with PMDD by my family doctor too

WTF dude.

This made me so fucking angry to see.

Actually diagnosed with PMDD. It's miserable. I have lost so much because of it and I'm finally getting treatment.

No dude, you do NOT have PMDD.

Doctor’s probably worried this guy would show up with a gun if they didn’t acquiesce to his demands

My cis gf usually uses me as a warning sign that her period is coming up, as I tend to get mine a few days to a week before her

That most definitely happens, guy... /s

No. Main reason being women's bodies aren't some robotic experience you can simulate. Actually that's the only reason.

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Clowns, the lot of them.

Someone should invent a TIM pretend period app. With the app, they would have to buy a TENS unit and when it’s time for their PP (pretend period), every 28-30 days (depending on their choice) they can slap that TENS on their man-tummy and we can remotely initiate doubled-over in pain, pretend period cramps.

They would love it.

And give them some laxatives too. I have endometriosis, I don’t know what we would have to do to simulate that. They would be super sorry they ever asked.

For what purpose? And at what cost? And at how much more cost thrown at it than at things like, say, endometriosis research?

Why would anyone research endometriosis? It only affects 10% of all women. 😂

There would need to be technology for you to ovulate which requires no y chromosome so.. no :l Also its creepy how all their information about being a woman/female is secondhand and detached you could outright lie to these men that women have 4 toes and they'd start crying about how they were born in the wrong 5 toed body and they always knew that they were destined to have 4 toes like a true wommen. That is absolutely not a natural or inherent tendency it's a socialised obsession and objectification of other people.

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6 toes is better than 4, if only because their panicked search for a surgeon who'll somehow add prosthetic toes would be infinitely more amusing and pathetic than just finding a chop shop that'll remove them (they could "just" give themselves frostbite and gangrene in one toe for that, NBD right?)

Because this is something money should be spent on. Curing cancer, Alzheimer’s, finding a way to stop miscarriages, not remotely as important as a TIM getting off on using a tampon.

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