I don't know but I don't think it will ever get to the point where transwomen can have simulated brain activity

but why does it matter 🤔 I thought 'gender identity' had nothing to do with biology and menstrual cycles have nothing to do with womanhood...

i swear the disciples of transgenderism are the stupidest most pea-brained fucks I have ever had the displeasure of encountering. logically inconsistent misogynistic fetishistic perverts and a complete drain on society.

My cis gf usually uses me as a warning sign that her period is coming up, as I tend to get mine a few days to a week before her

That most definitely happens, guy... /s

How have so many of the men in that thread deluded themselves into believing cramps are the same thing as a period? The fuck? And why on earth would someone want a "simulated period," other than to fetishize female pain and discomfort?

You have to remember, these are the same fucks who think PMS makes all women bitchy and that 'cramps aren't that bad lol' because either they don't value women's pain or they only knew women who had manageable periods and period pain so they think other women are exaggerating.

They clearly think having period pains helps validate themselves into womanhood, as if that's what defines a woman ('cause they certainly don't care about sex).

I don't need a simulated one, I have a monthly cycle. Many trans women do. No bleeding but every other symptom. I've been formally diagnosed with PMDD by my family doctor too

WTF dude.

Doctor’s probably worried this guy would show up with a gun if they didn’t acquiesce to his demands

This made me so fucking angry to see.

Actually diagnosed with PMDD. It's miserable. I have lost so much because of it and I'm finally getting treatment.

No dude, you do NOT have PMDD.

Oh God, one is claiming to have been formally diagnosed with PMDD by their GP. He probably typed that with one hand.

Wtf? If that's real, his doctor needs to have their license taken away.

There's no way it's real...how can you have PMDD with no menstruation? I truly hope doctors aren't this far up the asses of TRAs

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Clowns, the lot of them.

Someone should invent a TIM pretend period app. With the app, they would have to buy a TENS unit and when it’s time for their PP (pretend period), every 28-30 days (depending on their choice) they can slap that TENS on their man-tummy and we can remotely initiate doubled-over in pain, pretend period cramps.

They would love it.

And give them some laxatives too. I have endometriosis, I don’t know what we would have to do to simulate that. They would be super sorry they ever asked.

There would need to be technology for you to ovulate which requires no y chromosome so.. no :l Also its creepy how all their information about being a woman/female is secondhand and detached you could outright lie to these men that women have 4 toes and they'd start crying about how they were born in the wrong 5 toed body and they always knew that they were destined to have 4 toes like a true wommen. That is absolutely not a natural or inherent tendency it's a socialised obsession and objectification of other people.

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6 toes is better than 4, if only because their panicked search for a surgeon who'll somehow add prosthetic toes would be infinitely more amusing and pathetic than just finding a chop shop that'll remove them (they could "just" give themselves frostbite and gangrene in one toe for that, NBD right?)

For what purpose? And at what cost? And at how much more cost thrown at it than at things like, say, endometriosis research?

Why would anyone research endometriosis? It only affects 10% of all women. 😂

No. Main reason being women's bodies aren't some robotic experience you can simulate. Actually that's the only reason.

LMAO @ the 'midol dealer' - whatever 'cramps' they're experiencing it's not going to be remotely the same. Love the 'validation' in finally being able to take midol, except he's only utilizing it for the pain relief aspect, at best, since he doesn't have fuck all for other symptoms. But hey, congrats on feeling like you deserve the pink bottle of pills now.

I haven't heard of cramps from HRT personally, couldn't that just be their bodies screaming at the fucked hormones and not their body trying to copium them into womanhood ?

Human intestines have hormone receptors, progesterone inhibits gastrointestinal motility. And estrogen and progesterone are linked to IBS. So they have IBS due to them taking exogenous hormones and because they are mentally ill they think it's a women's thing and not just their bodies reacting to the pills

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The active ingredients in Midol are just the same ones as in the P.M. formulation of Tylenol (regular) or Aleve (extended), anws... so even that isn't the Special Womanly Thang he thinks it is

I don’t even know any woman who bothers with midol. It’s comparatively expensive and ibuprofen or tylenol are just as good. And yet tims seem to be obsessed with talking about how they carry and take midol.

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Probably along the same lines as how they think Victoria's Secret is the only company in the world that makes Women's underwear and lingerie ahah

Midol has caffeine and some other ingredients no? I don't think they have the exact same ingredients but I could be wrong.

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Pretty sure every formulation of Tylenol has something like 65mg caffeine per 325mg acetaminophen (obUK: paracetamol). It's there as an absorption aid, not as an alertness enhancer.

There's also an antihistamine ingredient in Midol. That's why I specifically mentioned the P.M. formulations of those drugs, which also contain an antihistamine (that doubles as a sleep-inducing agent).

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