The whole discussion there sounds like they know exactly what a woman is, and that they are not women, so they try to deflect and avoid answering the question or engaging in any discussion about it, because they know their position is weak.

"A woman is someone who looks at the many systemic advantages men have in our society and, despite all those incentives, still decides she’d be happier as a woman."

What the actual fuck???? Imagine thinking women are happy being oppressed or that we have the option to identify out of oppression.

They also don't know what a question is... "the so-called question" 🙄

Also don't know what a discussion is... Apparently entering a discussion with an opinion that differentiate from theirs is "bad faith". It's all about listening to and agreeing with them, but never the other way around.

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I say the oppressed half of the population

So... You agree it doesn't include you, yes?

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From the same commenter: "Annoyed. A woman is annoyed" Yeah, we are. At you.

"Those pretty people who don't touch you" What a self own!!!

A woman is an adult human female (mammalian sex that lacks a sry chromosome), it does not have any other social, aesthetics or neurological connotations similar to how a doe is a female deer. For social and catergorical convenience intersex men and trans identified men who appear as a particular cultural image of a woman are sometimes referred to as such as even though it is factually incorrect as to how you can call the image of a pipe 'a pipe' for convenience but it is not actually a pipe even though it appears that way visually or socially.

If I was a tra I'd probably grift good

And yet none of them have the courage of their convictions to say what they really think, "We are women, and the chest-feeding, uterus-having, birth-giving, cervix-havers are not."