Anyone else notice TiMs love talking about how much they cry?

Women are mortified by crying in public. That's why there's a cliche about women crying in the bathroom at work.

My skin is crawling with discomfort at the mere mental image of a grown man "screaming and crying like a little girl" on the ground because he fell off a bike.

It's the moaning for me 🤢

These morons truly think women are overemotional, vulnerable, pornified beings. "Touch grass" might be getting thrown around a lot lately....but they should try it. Stop jacking it to anime and go outside and speak to real people and see how much they don't know what real life is like. Probably would be a huge culture shock.

I seriously injured myself early this month. Screamed at the initial shock, then quietly sobbed until I gathered the strength to get up and move. Had to go about my day while barely being able to walk because I have responsibilities. Women don't act like children when we are injured or at any other point in our daily lives. #itsafetish

I fell off my bike last week.

I said “Fuck”

Also “ouch”

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Last time I fell off a bike I said both those things and then did a Basil Fawlty and stood kicking the thing. In the street.

Lol... no adult woman cries when she falls off her bike. Saw a woman come off a motorbike the other day and she just got up and brushed it off. Women are so much better at dealing with pain than men.

Saw a little girl fall of her bike yesterday. Like little kids are, she looked around for sympathetic adults, didn't see any, cussed like a little sailor and picked up her bike.

(disclaimer : it was clear that the fall hadn't been bad, otherwise I of course would have actively made sure, she was okay)

Haha I love that little pause and look small kids do while they work out if it’s worth crying. My Nigel’s favorite game is shouting “Penalty!” when he sees it though that doesn’t often help the situation.

I know! I like exclaiming :"Look at you! You are like an acrobat!". Usually makes kids proud and deters crying.

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They need to change the TWAW mantra - women are adults but these people don’t want to be women, they seem to want to be little girls..?

But now I think about it, when I was a little girl I fell off my bike all the time - as did all my little girl friends. Can’t remember a single one of us screaming and crying about it.

TIMs just have no idea what women and girls are actually like. Actual little girls would eat these dudes alive.

I crashed and rolled a quad down the street from my house (thankfully some weird instinct kicked in and I threw myself off it to avoid being pinned), and I bruised the entire left side of my body. I didn’t “cry and moan”. I grit my teeth, got to my feet, and limped home for help. I will admit that I was holding back tears, but it HURT.

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