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What kind of brain worms do you need to put the hammer and sickle next to the most bourgeois disease in the history of mankind

A "social justice" movement that requires beauty surgery is late stage capitalism on steroids. But of course to these NEETs "communism" means "my job in the commune will be drawing furry porn for 2h a day and the rest of the time i jagg off to totally ethical communist porn of 18 yos getting anally raped"

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How can he call himself a communist when he literally has a mental disorder fuelled by capitalism run amok?

So many of them claim to be communist or anarchist yet are the embodiment of capitalism lmao 😂

Trans ideology is one of the most pro-capitalist cults ever and the amount of trans nonsense I see in leftist circles is fucking hilarious. And sad.

Well they have the critical thinking skills of a sea slug so idk what we expect 🤷🏻‍♀️

The proof is in the GoFundMes. They literally can't be their "authentic" selves without spending a small fortune on clothes, makeup, and surgeries.

I mean...as an anorexic there have been times when I would genuinely rather die than put on any weight....it’s a mental illness. How can anyone claim these people are sound of mind but people like me are unwell? Can they not see the double standard?

And then they have the nerve to accuse others of encouraging suicide. They are the ones pushing vulnerable people to consider suicide.

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Ok, good for you? Put me in your will please.

(In all seriousness this seems mildly threatening, in a "detransitioners watch your back" way, not an "I'm gonna kill myself" way. Also very cultish, thinking death is better than changing your current beliefs. Gosh.)

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