I am a lurker in that group, and I actually have a ton of screenshots I've collected through the months that I want to post on here eventually. It is genuinely shocking to see the posts on there. So many parents who are transing kids as young as 2, put them on cancer drugs to stunt their growth, parents of little girls who have them get mastectomies years before they're 18... All the stuff that TRAs swear "never happens".

I’m aware this is kind of a loaded question but I wonder since you lurk in the group, do you see any similarities in these parents? Something that they all have in common that could lead to them being “transhausens by proxy”? Is it oppression olympics? Do they come from strict religious backgrounds? A few years ago parents were freaking out about routine vaccines for school and now they’re willingly giving their toddlers drugs and their preteens cosmetic surgeries. I can’t comprehend putting my child through that.

Y'know, I can't really answer just one thing, but the closest one I can think of is the "oppression Olympics" and just wanting attention. Some live vicariously through their kids, and already were trying to seek attention prior to finding out this was one way they could do that. There were a few I've seen that adopted kids, and some are transracial adopting (some of these kids seemed to be from abusive families), and then just transed their little adopted kids. One unfortunate thing I've noticed is a lot of them seem to be women doing the transing, and then complaining that their husbands or ex-husbands are against it, in order to get more attention from the group. Some of these women came out as nonbinary after their kids did. All sorts of horrid things in that group. I particularly remember one thread from a few months back that asked if the kids have "bottom dysphoria" and I saw quite a few comments saying stuff like "no, my mtf daughter age 8 loves her penis! She touches it a lot and I have to get her to stop!" There are quite a few that say their kids have no "dysphoria" at all, and they're like, 4 fucking years old and these parents use them to seem more woke than other parents and take them to pride parades and whatever. I haven't seen many religious people in the group. Just very, very, very "woke", with tons of rapid-onset gender dysphoria in the kids, mixed in with just insane parents.

Thank you for the insider perspective, it’s interesting and horrifying. I feel so bad for those kids :(

I think it's the exact same as Munchhausen by proxy tbh

It's about attention, sympathy for being different or OTHER

Yeah, I think it is how Münchhausen by proxy manifests nowadays.

Transing your child gives you everything that pretending your child is sick/intentionally making your child sick does, but without any of the risks of getting caught. And with the added bonus of turning the child into a lifelong medical patient, who can't move out at age 18, but will have to rely on her parents until either they die of old age, or she dies prematurely.
(Males seem to fare rather better and not land in wheelchairs after being transed as often, but still, the neovag is a gift that keeps giving. A man who needs antibiotics every couple of months because he has a wound that he keeps open ... will be more open to moving back in with mommy dearest than a healthy one. And of course, while children of regular old Münchhausen parents had a chance to notice what was being done to them and fleeing from it, with Transhausen, it is the whole society perpetrating the abuse.)

"So far?" Yikes, seems like a matter of time before she convinces kid #3 that they can't be boring old cis 🙄

I love the useless see-through censor of the group name in the top image and then the full display of it in the second

Oh yes that's because I stole the upper picture from here and then combined it with my screenshots of the group after finding it. I don't have the stomach to infiltrate the group myself right now but thought I would bring it to Ovarit's attention anyway.

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Wow…. What a startling “coincidence” that I’m sure this abuser isn’t forcing on her children at all…..

Yesterday on the mess podcast they said there's barely any Münchhausen parents anymore. It was just anecdotal, but I immediately thought, yeah they have a legal outlet now ...

Yeah. What Münchhausen by Proxy parents want is attention.

Transing kids gets so much more attention that pretending your kids are sick in some other, more physical way, plus it's perfectly safe, no risk of detection, because no one is allowed to question it.

Thanks to the trans insanity, parents can get doctors to poison and injure their kids, with zero risk of being punished for the act of doing that themselves, and they can rake in all the attention.

I know a family like this...the mom's like "what are the chances!?" 🙄 Ok, Bernice, whatever you say. There are actually a LOT of kids coming out with new identities in and around my former social group. Guess it's just a big ol' coincidence.