I thought no one got to dictate anyone else's pronouns, hmm? So if EvEn ThE nOnBiNaRy OnE is saying "they/them is too hard and seems weird" then who exactly are these pronouns for?

It's not just abuse, it's grooming. She's destroying boundary barriers in her kid's minds. Literally training them to go along with things that make them uncomfortable. She has blurred the lines for these kids. And pedophiles fucking always know who the vulnerable kids are! A kid taking about pronouns and being afraid to hurt trans feelings is a shining beacon for these freaks. She is absolutely sick.

Of COURSE the doll is called Kai.

This must be trolling.

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BuT iT'S nOt GroOmiNg! 🙄 you're fucking literally feeding them treats after you use your clicker jesus christ


Image Transcription: Twitter, Facebook

Christina Buttons, @ buttonslives

This mom is training her 6 year old twins, one of whom she claims is "non-binary," to use they/them pronouns even though the child who she says is non-binary doesn't want to. She uses a "nonbinary doll" and candy rewards for accurate pronoun use.


My 6 year olds were complaining that using they/them pronouns is too hard (even the one who's nonbinary). Enter Kai, my nonbinary doll. I set Kai on the dining room table. Every time they use Kai's pronouns correctly, they get an M&M. Is it the best parenting? Probably not. Do both my kids have stomach aches from using the correct pronouns all day? Yup. Practice makes progress, right?

[Photo of a tan-skinned doll with brown curly hair, in a jacket, shirt, and pants. There is a rainbow belt around its waist that reads "TOMBOY X"]

At least the kids are doing it for treats

Her dumb ass is doing it for anonymous, bot generated upvotes

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