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They're moving care to smaller clinics to ShOrTeN wAiT TiMeS he says.

I mean... My cute little Female brain keeps telling me that, if this actually had anything to do with lowering wait times, you'd open the extra small local clinics AND keep the big one open •________• because, like, won't wait times be lower the more places you open up?
But alas, that's just GirlLogic™ from my pastel-pink-colored Womanly brain. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I TRIED

They think people can't read. Unfortunately too many people will never read the source documents so they know they can get away with this.

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That’s a bold move, he must really know how stupid and incurious his audience is.

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Tryna imagine applying parallel reasoning in other client-processing situations.

Air Dysphoria employee comes over the airport P.A. system: "Good news folx, we've added two more off-hours flights to DFW. They're on those stupid little puddle-jumper planes with only 12 rows of 2 seats each side, and they have that deafeningly loud propeller noise the whole time sowwy!! But please rest assured, we're also canceling the 12:00 flight to DFW on the big 737 Max, just to make sure you ALL can arrive there as soon as you possibly can!"