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If you didn’t like a married woman and you used her maiden name, people would rightly look at you strangely. Doing the same to a trans person is much more violent and should earn you social scorn.

There was a lot of 🐄💩 in this blog but that quote above really took the cake. A married woman hearing her maiden name is not going to cause her any kind of distress. TRAs are absolutely insane lol

As an adult human female I am here to tell you that girls I went to school with are always Missy Maidename in my mind and whenever I talk to other women we were at school with. People who stayed very close to them might call them Missy Husband but they will say "Missy Maidenname" so that, you know, other people KNOW WHO THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT.

A lot of people not on the internet probably have no idea who Elliot Page is.

But when it comes to being an asshole, the real thing is not about which name came first. It's about which identity you want to puncture. I read about a rival of Ruth St Denis always calling her "Ruth Dennis" because that was her actual name, which she'd gussied up to sound more artistic. People used to call Muhammad Ali "Cassius Clay" because they wanted to undermine his new self-chosen name. On the other hand I might make a point of calling JLo "Jennifer Lynne Affleck" to make fun of her using that new so-whitebread name, albeit not professionally.

TBH people will look at me strangely if I call JLo Jennifer Affleck all the time, even though that is her preferred name IRL apparently,