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These people intentionally twist "biological essentialism" into "gender essentialism" which isn't a real thing. Saying "the people who make sperm are men" is not any kind of essentialism. Saying people who make sperm must like trucks and beer is biological essentialism. They are turning language upside down.

Why not use the correct term?

Our bodies have a sex.

Gender is an ideaology. It is used to blur the definition or because people willl swear as much as they want but feel embarrased by using the word 'sex'.

I will never use the word 'gender' again (unless I'm quoting something.)

https://archive.ph/92keb <--Archive. A TIF wrote this and it has some incredible "what about clownfish" moments and advocating for erasing male and female categories in medical science. For once, there's male erasure instead of only female.

"So what can be done? Well, science writers can be careful about journalistic standards, and avoid extrapolating study data based on their own gendered assumptions, for one. We could also all stand to be a bit more direct and say what we mean when discussing things like reproduction. If we’re talking about people who have testicles, we can very easily say “people with testicles” rather than “men,” for example".

Jesus that title lmao, literally out of the sketch Ryan Long made about generating clickbait PC titles.

draws slip out paper of a bag HAS A throws dart at wall PROBLEM

Yes they're not talking about males which are boars and shit they're talking about the human males which are men, not your particular masculine or feminine social pressure 😐