[–] MenHaveItEasy Moid Respecter 33 points

Do these TIFs think that avatar of the cute, blushing tomboy with the messy pixie cut, exudes "masc enby" energy? Because it's more girly/prettier than the less edited one on the right.

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 11 points

I agree with you, but, that's not a totally baseless association—given the frightening numbers of formerly "manic pixie dream Girl"-identifying persons who are now refashioning themselves as exactly that.

Oh shit, YES. Why is that?

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 1 points

Not even clue number one, unfortunately. Although an almost mystical non-binarying power seems to be attributed to pixie cuts[§] these days—as long as they're not totally symmetrical, no hair product is used (other than bleaches and dyes in all the wrong colors for the wearer's complexion), and, most importantly, no attempt is made to redirect the trajectory of the hairs either jointly or severally

[§] it is understood that the "pixie" in MPDG does not usually refer to a type of haircut.
in this Very Stupid Era of the TransKid™ in which we currently find ourselves, it almost seems like these things are slowly being replaced by exactly the kinds of ingenuous, grinningly uncultured associations that small children might make.