I have the hard copy of this book and tried to share it with my daughter. She flat out refused to even look at it. Yes, it's a great book!

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Hard copy as in hardcover? or just like, (normal paperback) book as opposed to a .pdf or kindle file or whatever?

Is yr Daughter identifying herself as a transman or transmasc NB?

No, she is an adult human female and doesn't express herself as NB or transmasc, etc. She did tell me she is bi, though.

Hardcover! 😀 And she identifies as queer, which I don't understand.

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Well, if it helps, I'm gen Z and I don't get "queer" identification either—although I suspect it's mostly just another modality of lesbian erasure.

What I mean is... I've never even once heard of a "queer"-identifying male, so, clearly there's some sort of coercive pressure specifically on young Women to self-identify as "queer".
From everything else that's going on these days, I infer that young Lesbians are under the greatest pressure of all to call themselves "Q" instead of "L"—where the point of the coercion is to gaslight them into rejecting the strictly same-sex attraction that they genuinely feel.
Ergo, exhibit no. 19361853848.1.1(ii)(c)(4) of coercive pressure to have sex with men.

What are your thoughts on that? Your own firsthand experience with a "Q"-identifying Daughter is definitely more valuable than anything I can pitch in.