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Archive of the thread.

I do wana give a shout out to the reddit OP for providing a helpful thumbnail image of the mass market paperback cover, which will help people locate Ms. Shrier's book more easily. 🥰

BTW because Scott Newgent is mentioned in there...

just wana make sure I've not totally lost the plot—
Scott Newgent's name is wordplay, right?
"New Gent"?

I'm not immediately able to turn up Newgent's original Female name (which surprises me—from everything I've seen, I would've guessed that putting O.G. pre-trans lesbian names up in lights would totally be Newgent's thing), but... New Gent is just TOO on the nose. Yeah?

Newgent is still more subtle than Newman. 😂

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Right smh... I mean, if it's wordplay I think it's ingenious! Just very surprised that Newgent's former name is not easy to find