These sad little men should clearly be taking something for their mental illness, but women's hormone replacement therapy is not it.

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They truly hate us.

No equivocating here, they are men inside and out.

weird how they don’t need a therapist note to get hrt

Because they are women, smartass

And they still need other medical exams, mostly to screen for risk of cancer.

The comments on that post are straight up unhinged. Amazing the things they'll say while protected by anonymity.

Men on estrogen (because in no way is it hormone replacement therapy for men) are often prescribed more estrogen than women.

Considering male LARPERS are calling estrogen 'titty skittles' and boasting about their developing "boobies" and counting the days they have been taking the hormone. (Not forgetting that some also claim to take more than they should to 'transition' faster, it seems yet another way to skew the truth.)

Off point. Some men measure their peni going through puberty. Do they measure their cross sexed hormone induced 'boobies' in the same competitive spirit?

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The phrase “breast buds” they always use to describe their gynecomastia makes my skin crawl.

I've heard a lot of them do measure the depth of their wounds if they get their penises inverted, too 🤮🤮🤮

Boohoo men aren’t on top of the priority list when it comes to female hormones. Men’s bodies won’t start to malfunction if they don’t take regular cross sex hormones , in fact quite the opposite. Whereas women who reach the menopause need those hormones to help alleviate the symptoms.

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But depending on age and location, HRT for menopause and (for post-menopausal problems like frequent UTIs) has been very hard or impossible for many women to obtain since the 2002 study came out. In the US, millions of women were yanked off their HRT in the early 2000s - and millions more never were able to access HRT at all and so had to go through menopause without it.

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This needs to change. There is a book by a woman researcher and she says delaying menopause is possible. The book is called preventing menopause. She also says the 2002 study is bunk. It’s hard to find support for her book and discussions on it because so many women sort of just give up by the time they reach a certain age. I don’t understand it at all. There are tons of problems arising from menopause She says it doesn’t have to be that way you need to find a doctor that will work with you. I find it horribly sad that men's health is so much improved over women's in every single way even as TIM to the point its paid for by city/states as if mandatory. Many women's conditions including conditions related to menopause are not.

Back on topic, It sucks that we have men thinking they need to compete with women or are actively trying to do so in every single way possible

There's actually some guy in the comments arguing that middle-aged women taking hormones aren't getting "hrt" because they're not "replacing" hormones but supplementing.

Fucking hell, they take everything, don't they? Just whatever they want, they just waltz up and grab it.

Hahaha, I no longer have the parts to make estrogen, so I’m literally replacing. But, you know, I’m also an evil woman who had my diseased parts ground up and incinerated instead of donating them to a TIM in need, so fuck me and my needs, amirite? Their need for “titty skittles” is soooo much important than my completely selfish desire to not get early onset dementia or massive bone loss. Now if you’ll excuse me, my eyes just rolled so hard that they popped out of my head, and I need to retrieve them.

Love how the cartoon actually refers to us as "women" -- not "cis women." Oooooops Freudian slip there, huh, guys?

Those greedy women, taking HRT for actual medical reasons instead of for purely artificial reasons… /s

I can’t f*cking believe that no TIMs are ashamed for taking something that’s actually NEEDED for other people. Do they have no shame???

Right? I take HRT to treat my endometriosis, and actual real medical condition, and if I couldn’t get my hands on it only to find out men were getting it instead I would be irate.

No they have 0 shame, you’d have to have 0 shame to go out looking like they do 99% of the time.

Oh FFS, they weren't the ones unable to access hormones when the shortages hit. Pathological sense of victimhood.

Exactly, they all seem to have histrionic personality disorder

One of their most unhinged traits seems to be considering it 'unfair' how women with legitimate medical needs who were referred by a doctor for treatment to mitigate those health issues sometimes takes priority over the shit they just want on demand. Like TIFs complaining about women with breast cancer being treated as higher priority for mastectomies than them.

If there is a shortage they should just be cut off, end of story. They don’t need something that’s bad for them and their bodies.

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They should be cut off even if there’s no shortage. There is no reason to give it to men.

Yeah. The only trans people who need female hormones are ... TIFs. Women who had their ovaries removed. They might need female hormones because they butchered their bodies.

Males don't need female hormones, ever. Though I guess those who cut off their balls (not that most AGPs do that anyway) might need testosterone.

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