It's more clear to me than ever that men do not understand female anatomy or any part of the menstrual cycle. It's like they think there's a vagina connected to miasma of hysterical crying/blood/pillow fights/stilleto heels/red lipstick.

No actual woman would ever claim to hallucinate periods.

Girls who haven't started their periods yet don't go on and on about how they allegedly experience a menstrual cycle. Older women who don't menstruate anymore don't claim to have phantom periods.

Only males could ever do this, because only males have the right mix of arrogance, ignorance and complete and utter idiocy to do such a thing.

People should point and laugh at them. Really, they're more ridiculous than those adult baby types.

Fist bump to the trans people saying, uhhh, no, haven't experienced this.

Yes. Because female-identifying men, human beings who have never experienced the sloughing off of the uterine lining...BECAUSE THEY FUCKING DON'T HAVE WOMBS, are just the experts to know what a human female period truly is. 🙄🤪

Ovulation pain and goo?

Mucus changes indicating likely fertile periods?