This apparently came from a FB account called (get this) Trans Army, and was reposted by an otherwise feminist poster called Vagina Devil Magic. What in the ACTUAL fuck.

I'm not in the healthcare field, so can anyone explain to me whether there is even one iota of truth to this? It sounds like utter garbage to me, not least because what triggers bloating and mood swings when women have periods is (1) estrogen and progesterone levels plummeting right before your period begins, and (2) the influence that plummeting estrogen and progesterone have on your serotonin levels.

So... WTF how would it be possible to experience that when you're on a consistent daily dose of estrogen? Your levels don't fluctuate! So it doesn't make your serotonin levels fluctuate! And nothing changes from one part of the month to the next, so where the heck is this idea of estrogen causing cramps coming from? And AFAIK most TW don't even take progesterone along with their estrogen, so their levels of that should stay at the nearly undetectable rates normal in biological men.

Am I wrong about this? Does anyone with medical expertise know?

I don't know why this absurd claim annoys me so much, but it does.

I work in healthcare. This is bullshit. If estrogen alone caused periods then menopausal women who take HRT would still get them. Hell men would get them because they have small amounts of estrogen. Estrogen actually goes down during our period and progesterone levels go up in preparation for pregnancy.

These are dudes with a period fetish who wish they were having periods. Women who “defend” them are being fools and helping take part in their period fetish.

"Estrogen actually goes down during our period and progesterone levels go up in preparation for pregnancy."

Right, that's what I thought -- it's the hormonal FLUCTUATION that causes the symptoms. You can't have those symptoms if your hormones are medically maintained at constant levels.