"Estrogen actually goes down during our period and progesterone levels go up in preparation for pregnancy."

Right, that's what I thought -- it's the hormonal FLUCTUATION that causes the symptoms. You can't have those symptoms if your hormones are medically maintained at constant levels.

They supposedly cycle their hormones for this very reason . . .

Without an uterus, there is nothing those cycles could cause, period-wise. No uterus, no period.

Really, why don't people point and laugh at those idiots? It is so ridiculous. Everyone knows men can't have periods. Period.

Yeah, they claim it's the smooth muscles in their intestine cramping, but I just don't see how that is possible . . .

They're gonna have to do a lot more than cycle their estrogen intake to replicate the physiological fluctuations characteristic of actual menstrual cycles, lmao

So insane how unscientific their positions are, and how far they have been able to run with them in the public consciousness, lol. Pharmaceutical side effects? IBS or any number of other abdominal causes? Psychosomatic perception? Absolutely not. It's a REAL PERIOD!!!!!!!!!! ONLY EXPLANATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!