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What is IN the drugs they give transgenderist males? Why are so many of them cognitively impaired

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 30 points

They’re braindead before they ever get these drugs, or they wouldn’t be TIMs in the first place.

They' re drunk on boners. But they were even before, that' s why they' re on their "lady journey" to begin with.

That reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where George and Elaine both swear off sex. George becomes incredibly smart, learns a bunch of languages and science. Once he has sex again all of the knowledge and skills he gained all went away.

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Their testes “ovulate” sperm because they sure as hell don’t have ovaries.


Full-on mental they are.

Their testes “ovulate” sperm because they sure as hell don’t have ovaries.


what i truly don’t understand is how they’re CONVINCED they get periods, not only because they don’t have the right anatomy, but also like i assume they take hormones at a steady rate, unlike the hormonal fluctuations that cause things like premenstrual syndrome in women

Do they even know what ovulation is? We already know they don’t know what menstruation is.

Nah they just know it's something women do, so they must be doing that too. They don't bother understanding it on a deeper level, like everything regarding women for that matter. It's a fetish for a reason, if you start to think critically about it it loses its edge.

Are these guys shoving eggs up their asses now? What's even happening here?

Rofl. No ovaries, no ova, no ovulation.

Lmao. How fucking stupid can they be? Like, how is it possible to be this dumb? 😂

I thought I was shocked by the stupidity of the average human... then the trans movement got mainstream and now we need natural predators again cause, holy shit, we're regressing.

How do you ovulate if you have no eggs?!

Do they think women continuously produce eggs like men produce sperm?

Well wow if only women with ovary troubles knew they could just grow a new one with estradiol

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however its true

It never fails to amaze me how they talk so much crap with so much confidence.

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