what i truly don’t understand is how they’re CONVINCED they get periods, not only because they don’t have the right anatomy, but also like i assume they take hormones at a steady rate, unlike the hormonal fluctuations that cause things like premenstrual syndrome in women

Must be nice to be so delusional that you think you're not delusional when you write somethig this insane, surely it is everyone else in the world and all of history and science that is wrong.

Where are the ova then???? They should be able to impregnate themselves. I'll wait.

Objectively and from a distance this is ridiculous and kinda funny but it's actually devastating how far this goes for some...just imagine if a boy or man you cared about told you he was going to ovulate...maybe it's the pregnancy hormones but I'm due soon with a boy and if he said that to me I think I would sob and feel as if my son was just gone beyond hope. It would be similar to a TIF claiming that she's going to ejaculate. Where do you go from there in dealing with someone who thinks stuff like that aside from treating them like a severely mentally ill person?

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So…when you’re in your mom’s underwear, affirming yourself down there, and you feel something that is like a sneeze only better, and your gametes come out in an explosive release of tension….that’s ovulation?

So like, brovulation? Or is that the TIFs?

Ovjaculation? Laydeeejaculation?


How do you ovulate if you have no eggs?!

Do they think women continuously produce eggs like men produce sperm?

Well wow if only women with ovary troubles knew they could just grow a new one with estradiol

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