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I can’t read this whole article op, seeksanity. I tried, I really did but then, then, I got here:

Daily dilation requirements are going to add more liquid in form of excess lube. (If you did your job right, then there will be some leftover…) And then there is, of course, the intended use.

Someone may have deposited another form of liquid…

Now, I need to go seek my own sanity.

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I didn't finish it either. But I think I made it slightly farther than you:

there may be times when there is actual blood ...

For example, there are lots of ways to injure yourself. Genitals are genitals at this point.

WTF is he doing to his "genitals"?

How do I erase something from my brain? I would like this gone please

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((visual of frying pan)) This is your brain on drugs

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I thought they weren’t feminine anymore because that invalidates Aiden and Skye

Just like if I grew a shark fin, I would want it removed as well…because I am not a shark. Not that I should accept the fin, because society thinks I should.

You’re a man. Your penis is now inside your body and leaking. You will never be a woman. I have more chance of becoming a supermodel than you have of ever bearing a child or having an actual vagina.

And then there is, of course, the intended use.

I mean this says it all right? Men get fake vaginas for other men to “use.” That’s all they want them for. We are in hell.

No one cares about what Aiden and Skye say, they have "male privilege"!

Aiden and Skye! I cackled. I know some poor unfortunate women that were assigned those names at birth 🤭

Just like the genetic varieties, the modern neo-vagina (that’s what they call the structure made in transwomen) self-lubricates.

Self-lubricates with what, exactly? Asking for a friend.

It ‘self lubricates’ when it’s made of colon tissue… this also means it smells like it’s made of colon tissue…

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 6 points

The cellular waste of all the MRSA and E. coli they have in there

That is precisely the reply I was afraid of.

I also read of one transwoman who said she had hair growing inside her neovagina. Of course there's no way of verifying this, but it's certainly possible in theory.

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Hair growth in the interior of the inverted structure—which nature/God/Gaia/evolution intended to be the exterior of an external structure—is well known enough that it's listed under Possible Complications on informational sites about the surgery.

Apparently, even if they laser it all off before the surgery, as the years slither on by, the now-interior hairs begin to regenerate... at which point they get angry and make themselves known, as it were.

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if it's an inverted penis then maybe it still produces pre-cum? which does serve a lubricatorial purpose for normal boys

Yes but that still comes from the prostate and exits through the urethra. They also still ejaculate.

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Okay thanks. I tried™

That I have no clue what they do to the urethra, or how they re-route it or whatever, seems almost like a point of pride baha

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True, transgender women do not menstruate

Guuuuurl! Look @ that blatant act of senseless literal violence right there!
something something something dog whistle bla bla bla bla bla

Some day I think we may get to the point where we will be able to grow our own, via stem cells. (And why not then all the other missing pieces — ovaries, uterus, cervix, etc.) It’s already being partially done; see this. I think this is the end goal of every trans woman to be as complete as possible.

An internet full of girldick and princess wands begs to differ.

  • "feminine hygiene products" (?)

  • Implanting your colonic tissue in what is basically a skin graft piercing hole. So you have a weird nonfunctional leaky 2nd butthole or semi-healed stoma, lifesaving treatment.

  • Also males actually do wear pads sometimes, if they get vasectomied or circumcised.

That made me feel ill.

Did not wish to know any of that!

disgusted. They just want more LARPing paraphernalia. They want an excuse to go through the checkout line with a box of panty liners.

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Um, women don't have gunk oozing out of us at all times necessitating the daily use of pads. Get help.

People, male or female, may use sanitary pads for what are basically off-label purposes, like incontinence, leakage or moisture of some kind. None of this is menstruation and it's got nothing to do with what sex they are or the original reason for the product. It's just a medical issue in their genital area, maybe due to age or surgery. Presumably if they need protection too often they've checked with their doctor that it's not indicative of a problem, but there is no way that a "transgender woman" is releasing a uterine lining