Why do they all think that they're communists? There is nothing marxist about trans ideology.

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 1 points

Trans ideology shares its whole core of doctrinaire authoritarianism with ALL real-world attempts to implement Communism.

Abstractions notwithstanding, the fact of the matter is that real-world Communism is indistinguishable from fascism.

What's the difference between central planning (of Communism) and autocracy?
Well... nothing. There's no difference. ((insert "they're the same picture" meme here))

The Marxist notion of a centrally planned economy that gives or demands "to each according to need, from each according to ability" is just silly fantasism.
For that to be achievable, you would need an entire cadre of central planners who are all cunning and ruthless and Machiavellian enough to out-maneuver everybody else into those positions of dictatorial economic power—who would then have to turn around and ceaselessly abnegate their own avaricious interests at every turn in favor of the utilitarian good.
In other words, you would need an autocratic ruling class that would somehow be purged of all corruption by being handed absolute power. It's rank stupidity, and it's honestly astounding that anybody thinks it's possible to have a Communist state that isn't ruthlessly corrupt, cronyist, and authoritarian all the way through.

I mean all of that is true but I doubt the average trans person has made all of these steps towards the truth - that achieving trans goals basically means autocracy on a global scale. There is some wannabe revolutionary middle class bullshit going on here.

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 1 points Edited

Yeah. Honestly, a lot of it seems like trying to become a real-life video game avatar, and not much beyond.

What do you think are the odds that whoever is behind "Death before detrans" just plays the Call of Duty games all day long?
I think they're good odds

[–] legopants 8 points Edited

This giant graffiti on the side of a building, which is hard to remove: totally fine

Put up a feminist sticker on a traffic pole: have the police called on you, or someone post on social media to look out for the evil witch woman putting stickers up

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 5 points

Yeah, the bullshit that's been visited upon Women just putting up some stickers in the UK is beyond outrageous. I remember especially the story of the disabled stickerer who was held in custody for 13 hours without her medications, and then released alone at two or three a.m.

TBF, for all the shortcomings of U.S. governance, First Amendment free-speech rights are no joke here. There are not going to be any arrests or home visits from law enforcement for stickering any time soon in the States.

Man, I wish I lived there so I could vandalize this graffiti with new graffiti that actually looks nice and also says something super terfy. :P

[–] Moonpriestess 12 points Edited

Sure buddy. Being a part of thoroughly capitalist ideology that believes it's possible to buy happiness and a sex change makes you very much a rebel and a communist. 🙄

Two words for trans commies: 'Dialectical materialism'

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 9 points

The cutesiest of all the cutesy things about the faux-Leninism of these people is how each and every one of them is clearly envisioning a system of central planning that magically puts them, personally, in the role of central planner.

What's that meme with the giant thumbs up and then going back to ignoring the person lmao

idk I've passed the point of feeling empathy for people that actively campaign for and celebrate thier own destruction. "No one told me / I didn't know" isn't going to cut it anymore.

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 4 points

I selected "this makes me sad" because I was thinking about the thousands of other, real, causes towards which this person (and countless like-minded others) could perfectly well have allocated this level of messaging effort instead of choosing THIS.

There’s a total abortion ban in Oklahoma. It’s yet another state where ten year old victims would be forced to give birth.

But sure, no surprise that grown-ass men are acting dramatic about chopping off their dick and pumping their bodies full of hormones. The real pressing feminist issues that women should give their attention to in Okla. /s

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 3 points

Probably not chopping off the dick (only a tiny percentage of TIMs go there)

Yeah, they’re all dramatic about “death before detrans” but often they do want to keep the “girldick” 🙄…so by “transition,” they mean popping some hormones to grow bigger moobs.

And of course, once their genitals have been mutilated there’s kinda no going back on that one anyway. And they’re the ones telling detransitioners to STFU and never discuss their suffering and exploitation.

Reflecting on all the struggles for liberation and equality, throughout history all the way up to today, their drama about cosplaying as women gets even more insufferable.

“There are two things I’ve got a right to, and these are, Death or Liberty – one or the other I mean to have. No one will take me back alive; I shall fight for my liberty…” - Harriet Tubman

That's such a male thing to say. And, really, fewer males in the world is always a good thing.

[–] hmimperialtortie 🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈 5 points

My immediate thought is “and nothing of value was lost”.

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 5 points

Yeah, the thing that makes me sad (per flair) is more to do with wasted potential to do real things.
I.e. the fact that there are young ppl out there who are this desperate to find a cause / a hill to die on—and who have this much restless energy to put towards said cause—and of all fucking things they've decided to pick THIS.

[–] Lipsy [OP] #bornnotworn 6 points

That's such a male thing to say

It's almost certainly derived from "death before dishonor", a U.S. Marine Corps slogan since the XIX century. Maybe not a direct derivation—"death before dishonor" is in everything from the names of metal bands to video games now—but, ultimately, that's where it's from. And, yeah, few things are more male than the Marine Corps.

If you're an adult you can take your hormones and cut your dick off via the same social standards that body builders do ig