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Well, at least the Daughter is alive.

I don't imagine that growing up excruciatingly aware that you're unwanted is a walk in the park, but, it's also not as bad as it was in China during the 36-year duration of the one-child policy, which resulted in actual genocide of Women by abortion (for mothers of means) or infanticide (for the poor).

So many Female foetuses and babies were selectively annihilated over that period that China now has a sex ratio of about 106:100 (m:F)—compared to a range from 95:100 to 97:100 in developed countries with reliable census statistics.

Growing up wanted isn't so great either when you grow up to find the only reason your father "so badly wanted a girl" was to sexually abuse her

Most of the comments on this were "I'm a terrible son/daughter, but I hope I can be a better daughter/son". It fucking infuriates me that the medical industry is exploiting kids with obvious family trauma.