To live in that male hierarchy world was such a pain.

So instead of helping to weaken it even one iota, you seek to enshrine it in law so you can colonise and occupy the subordinate sex. FUCK you, you useless piece of perverted misogynist shit.

Imagine if these guys didn’t trans and instead just became normal human men with a healthy emotional life and the capacity to actually give something back to others.

It's weird when people comment on your appearance beyond "you look sharp today". Especially when a TIM does it. Please no

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Here's an even more revolutionary idea: you can still be male and reject male supremacy and the straightjacket of the male gender role that comes with it. Tada! Now all human behaviors lie open for you to explore! With the added benefit of remaining in reality!

It’s so hard for the male in this male centric world. Poor baba 🙄

I’m so sick of hearing people blame men’s poor mental health on emasculation and women having less problems socializing and expressing our feelings (not true). And I’m especially sick of the obsession with redeeming incels and empathizing with the manosphere. Women don’t have it better mental health-wise, we’re just more resilient precisely because life is harder for us, and we’ve lived our entire lives seeing the world through the lens of the oppressor and justifying men’s actions, we’re allowed to center ourselves in our own lives and to stop caring so much about men.

then fucking opt out as a man without "transing" yourself! send a message. be out and proud GNC...the fuck is with these people.

Notice how the target of the compliment is a woman, of course. Guarantee this guy comes off as an even bigger creep doing this in womanface.

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