The Chris Chans of the world pose an existential threat to trans acceptance. When the masses realize there is no limit to the types of men claiming womanhood, and the rules of gender affirmation require complete acceptance of these claims, then the show is over.

Lol... "I hate looking at my hairline in the mirror and worrying that I look like Chris chan"

Who doesn't have this problem, amirite ladies?

He literally admitted identifying into lesbianism to "get girls" lmao. Ironic, seeing as the only girls he could get were sex workers he paid and his own mother. He's a predator and a sick man through and through.

Ugh, from the comments…

“a clearly severely mentally ill and psychologically disturbed woman”

So severely mentally ill and psychologically disturbed but 100% woman. There couldn’t be a link between those two things, now, could there?

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Note to self, another new trans word in the trans dictionary:

People saying beyond a doubt that she's not really trans is borderline transvestigator rhetoric.

Is anyone else exhausted by the Chris Chan grand jury discourse on Twitter? I feel like the movement has regressed by ten years.

I can't stand the twitter discourse on this right now. I'm seeing leftists, both cis and trans, routinely misgender Chris Chan, and I think this will just make things much worse for all of us going forward.

Yes, what she did was horrible, and I hope she goes to jail. I hate the idea that I'm constantly being associated with her by the larger public. I hate looking at my hairline in the mirror and worrying I look like Chris Chan. I feel self-conscious about sighing because people might associate me with her. Her very existence makes me dysphoric and honestly delayed my transition for two years before I finally came out to myself as nonbinary. It's really easy right now to pretend that she's not trans for our own mental health, or to pull the Blaire White tactic of saying she's not trans to market ourselves better to conservatives. However, being trans is unconditional. If someone uses a certain set of pronouns, use them. Saying Chris Chan is not trans is dangerous because it suggests that being trans is conditional, and something cis people can take away at any moment and for any reason whatsoever. Since the majority of trans people on Twitter (Reddit seems a bit better about it) are also misgendering Chris Chan, we've given up our ability to say we're whatever we identify as. We've ceded that power to the masses, the TERFs, the conservatives watching and thinking all trans women are like Chris Chan. This Reddit post is everything wrong with the online trans community right now: https://www.reddit.com/r/honesttransgender/comments/ov2xwz/chrischan_is_exactly_why_we_need_to_have_actual/

I also feel like supposedly pro-trans cis people who are now socially discouraged from misgendering this people are using this opportunity to vent all their aggression on her. I hate that they fixate on her "masculine" features almost like someone on Kiwifarms would. I hate that so-called leftists draw degrading fanart that draws out her most male features out of disgust, since I know that's probably how they see most of us, and they're just not saying anything. I feel very caught in the crossfire, like their comments are coded and actually referring to all of us. Where were all the people calling Amber Heard a man because of her actions? It seems like people just want an excuse to vent aggression on a trans person because of her transness, and not because she's a horrible rapist.

You can't prove whether she's a transtrender, a poser, or whatever. And if we don't have evidence, we don't get to have a say in her gender identity. People saying beyond a doubt that she's not really trans is borderline transvestigator rhetoric.

And look, I know many are thinking, "But she said she transitioned to date lesbians." There is no evidence that she directly said this. I've spent a long time on the internet as this stuff was happening. I have spent 65 depressing hours watching Geno Samuel's documentary in shock of the endless barrage of horrible things this woman has done and the horrible things her trolls have done to foster the most extensive surveillance campaign ever in human history. My life is worse for having this knowledge, and I don't recommend watching it. But she never said at any point that this is why she transitioned. Actually, a lot of moments in her life suggest a history of dysphoria mixed with a severe lack of social awareness. She's had a ton of r/egg_irl moments from calling herself a "male lesbian," saying "all men should wear sports bras" and doing the same herself before she came out, dipping into crossdressing and seemed to legitimately experience euphoria in the hours of footage Christorians have creepily obsessed over, and her "unclit" and life-threatening DIY attempts at bottom surgery was a disturbing cry for help. I don't think this is evidence beyond a doubt. In my opinion, Chris Chan is too stupid to keep a ruse going for years, and we're ignoring other evidence to arrive at the point that she's "posing as trans to date lesbians." Maybe Chris Chan is just posing as a woman, but ultimately I think that's irrelevant. If we don't know for sure, we have no right to misgender anyone.

Does she want to enter women's spaces? Sure. I mean, women often do. I'm not sure how this, or even being creepy, invalidates the fact that Chris Chan is a woman. Chris Chan has had a long history with loneliness, having never been in a non-catfished romantic relationship. I remember seeing a study that only 3% of cis people would date trans women. I'm sure most trans women are much more socially aware than Chris Chan, but inevitably loneliness is a core part of the trans experience for the vast majority of us. Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about whether anyone could ever love us. For trans lesbians, as many are, that comes with a fear of how women see them and a desire to be desired by women. Chris Chan's obsession with finding a woman to love her went way too far, but it's strange to say that Chris Chan is not a woman because she wants to love and to be loved by a woman. If this is the case, 75% of trans women could not be considered women. Is this really what we want?

Women belong in women's spaces. Trans women belong in women's spaces. Creepy people, cis or trans, do not. Rapists do not. Why is everything mixing these things up when the rapist in question is a trans woman? Chris Chan is a very creepy trans woman rapist. She is not a representative of the transgender movement. Very few trans women are like her. But she is a woman. No matter what, conservatives and TERFs will look at us and see her, and this is something we must reconcile. However, the moment we start calling Chris Chan "he" is the moment where we've sacrified all our agency to be the genders we identify as. It gives transphobes social leeway to misgender us for any reason. I'm terrified about the direction the discourse is going in.

"Maybe Chris Chan is just posing as a woman, but ultimately I think that's irrelevant." No, it's not irrelevant. It's at the core of this nonsense. We have a mountain of evidence to prove it's a feature.