thinking teaching your kids biology isn't a thing is "smart" lmfaoooooo

I don't fully get the whole Peterson/lobster meme (I may have posted something about it earlier), but "humans are just like slugs" isn't exactly a way to dunk on it either lol.

I feel like I'm always defending Jordan Peterson here but the lobster analogy isn't really that bad. like at least you can relate to the idea... happy lobsters are somewhere in the middle of the social hierarchy. it's not good to be at the top or the bottom, it's good to be in the Middle where most people are.

I don't get the slug thing at all. pretty sure there are male slugs and female slugs. also pretty sure the terms boy and girl really only refer to human younglings?

for whatever it's worth I had a 6 year old tell me last week that slugs have tongues and she knows because one licked her and it felt like a cat tongue.