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Best response for the question "What is a Woman?"

I get asked this question a lot and wondered if anyone had examples of great responses to a question like this?


My favorite response is "something you don't get" then send the no b!tches mega mind meme …

A featherless biped that identifies as one Now who's got a plucked chicken?

A woman is anyone who truly feels in their heart that they are a woman

The way I see it, a woman has an inner sense of womanhood. It's a sense of self relating to gender, and a sense of self can't be proven in the ways that people who ask that question want.

Oh~ I love this question, I love it sooo much. Because I studied health sciences and psychology. And I'm going to be a nurse practitioner soon. I am beyond the necessary qualifications to answer this, and I take delight in seeing people cry in frustration. I bring up the inconsistency in hormone levels, chromosomal mapping, societal structures, gender stereotypes and the origin of said stereotypes, reproductive organs, sex characteristics, cultural idealizations and gender roles for women. I bring it all up as a way to show how meaninaless these words truly are. There is no difference between man and woman, there is just human. It's what you wish to be called and how you see yourself. That's a woman.

I have a pretty wordy response to this which I am happy to receive feedback on: "A person assigned female at birth who does not identify with any other gender OR a person assigned any other sex at birth who identifies with the female sex"


I certainly hope someone isn't going to be a nurse practitioner soon.

No kidding! No difference? At my doctor's office, it's a nurse practitioner who, among other things, does my pap test!