Interesting that I'm still just as much a woman whether I feel a "sense of womanhood or not." Funny how that works.

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Ask these idiots what “gender affirmation surgery” entails and why it’s necessary at all if “men can have vaginas and women can have penises”. If this is true, how is dysphoria possible?

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Wow, according to all those definitions I'm not a woman. 🤔

Me neither, and yet all the men seem to be fully aware of the fact that I am a woman. A mystery for the ages.

“I am beyond the necessary qualifications to answer this”


Really hope the nurse doesn’t deliver my baby! There is no difference between male and female healthcare, it’s just human care, so maybe giving birth is actually just like a man’s constipated pooping! Silly me!

I honestly wonder if the will do the same respones of "What is a man?".

I feel bad for anyone getting care from ‘hormones, chromosomes don’t mean anything’ Nurse Practioner there.

I bet they're dumbass Americans. Our school system is such shit. An entire generation of dumbasses.

Our school system is such shit.

I think this is a huge problem and the main reason why people are open to believing that they can change their sex or that sex is on a spectrum. To give one example, I was speaking to a friend of mine recently, and she did not know how hormones fluctuate during a woman's cycle. This should be taught in every 9th grade biology class, as it was in mine.

Most people in every generation are dumbasses, but yeah it seems to be getting worse as time marches on.

Cool. So these should all be the legal basis for who belongs in the Women’s prisons, can provide intimate care for disabled females, qualify for STEM scholarships, claim Olympic medals in Women’s sports, etc

No risk to our rights or anything

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