Well, it's a Twitter account for two people: JK Rowling and Robert Galbraith.

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Lol calm down Aaron. Just because you people throw a toddler style tantrum when someone uses a pronoun you don't like doesn't mean everyone does. "They" is just a completely normal, neutral way to refer to a person regardless of their sex. It's been around long before the non binary nonsense

Likely, all she did was check “prefer not to say” when asked her sex when she signed up for a Twitter account.

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I imagine twitter is far too captured to ask for someone's sex. I imagine that was the reason why she would click prefer not to say as they asked for her "gender"

The fact that it got 17,000+ retweets and 300,000+ "Likes" makes me weep for humanity. Then again, bots are binary, right?

I'm pretty sure JKR doesn't give a shit and is rolling in mountains of cash, cackling, and hugging fistfuls of bills.

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I picture her like Scrooge McDuck atop a mountain of money only in lovely gowns and sporting big dramatic valuable rings.

I'm sure jkr knows her sex and isn't pretending it's the opposite for a sexual fetish, so she's probably just fine.

Image Transcription: Twitter

Aaron, @ aaron_txt

Ohhh they must be FUMINGGG

[Screenshot of profile page.]

J.K. Rowling, @ jk_rowling

Writer sometimes known as Robert Galbraith

Today is their birthday!

[The word 'their' has been underlined in red three times and given a large red arrow pointing to it.]

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From what I can remember when I used to utilize Twitter more, it doesn't ask for your sex or gender, and that birthday thing says "their" for everyone. Could be wrong, though.

Could be a joke because she is both J K Rowling AND Kenneth Galbraith.