They have it very much backwards. Gender is much more like astrology, an imagined "constellation" of stereotypes and temperaments imposed on real physical bodies. In gender the bodies are terrestrial, in astrology they are celestial.

Gender is also similar to astrology in the sense that everything can potentially relate to everyone at the same time. Everyone wants to be able to wear what they please without being judged, everyone wants to be able to cry from time to time without being bullied or feeling ashamed. So TRAs believe those concepts relate specifically their speshul self alone instead of, you know, those being such broad ideas that they relate to the vast majority of the population, no matter the sex.

Barnum statements, basically.

You’re prideful yet highly self-critical. “Omg that’s so me, I’m such a Taurus!”

You feel like neither a woman nor a man. “Omg that’s so me, I’m so non-binary!”