Quote: “Believing that vaginas are innately female organs and that being born with one magically bestows womanhood on you is very much a social construct.”

The false conflation of biological sex and the social roles demanded of the people with the two biological sexes is conflated in this post with the specific purpose of obfuscation. The problem is that the young, credulous or those not taught to read or think critically this sounds like an ‘intelligent’ argument. It is a decent example of writing with the intent to both confuse and convince.

Cutting through the bullshit? Ask if “female” testicles and penii ever need to be taken to the gynecologist. No? Why not? So there are physical/biological differences? That is all GC people are saying. Analysis and commentary on the social roles assigned to people based on their biological sex comes after biological sex is determined. Biological sex is a physical fact and cannot be escaped; social sex stereotypes are the social construct and are adjusted all of the time for the purposes of the powerful.