Quote: “Believing that vaginas are innately female organs and that being born with one magically bestows womanhood on you is very much a social construct.”

The false conflation of biological sex and the social roles demanded of the people with the two biological sexes is conflated in this post with the specific purpose of obfuscation. The problem is that the young, credulous or those not taught to read or think critically this sounds like an ‘intelligent’ argument. It is a decent example of writing with the intent to both confuse and convince.

Cutting through the bullshit? Ask if “female” testicles and penii ever need to be taken to the gynecologist. No? Why not? So there are physical/biological differences? That is all GC people are saying. Analysis and commentary on the social roles assigned to people based on their biological sex comes after biological sex is determined. Biological sex is a physical fact and cannot be escaped; social sex stereotypes are the social construct and are adjusted all of the time for the purposes of the powerful.

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If you follow this back to why anyone would argue nonsense like this, at the bottom of it all is men who are angry they can't get their dicks wet the way they want. The only people who benefit from getting people to believe that "penises can be female" are men who want to stick their penises in women who will never want them. All the rest is just to make the inane argument seem internally consistent and to distract from the only real agenda.

These AGP het men larping as "lesbians" don't care that het women larping as men can't get gay men into, or anywhere near, their vaginas.They certainly don't care that lesbians larping as "men" will never get straight women to be with them. And, given how "trans" males interact among themselves it doesn't look like the AGP het men are genuinely concerned about their gay brothers who larp as "women" and at least have chasers for sex.

The core of this silly argument about "female penises" - all of it - is driven by the core of the TCult that they try to keep hidden. It's all about AGP het men and the only sexual gratification they want - sticking their dicks where they will never be wanted.

Still haven't seen "amabs" or individuals with ladydiques at the gyn or in maternity wards.

Every time they make these claims like "lots of men can get pregnant and have babies" my response is: PROVE IT.
Of course, I'm still waiting.

They have it very much backwards. Gender is much more like astrology, an imagined "constellation" of stereotypes and temperaments imposed on real physical bodies. In gender the bodies are terrestrial, in astrology they are celestial.

Gender is also similar to astrology in the sense that everything can potentially relate to everyone at the same time. Everyone wants to be able to wear what they please without being judged, everyone wants to be able to cry from time to time without being bullied or feeling ashamed. So TRAs believe those concepts relate specifically their speshul self alone instead of, you know, those being such broad ideas that they relate to the vast majority of the population, no matter the sex.

Barnum statements, basically.

You’re prideful yet highly self-critical. “Omg that’s so me, I’m such a Taurus!”

You feel like neither a woman nor a man. “Omg that’s so me, I’m so non-binary!”

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The sheer utter stupidity of this has me reeling. Are people that desperate to be seen with "higher than the astral plane intelligence" shit? This is text slapped over the red eyes pepe frog meme with the galaxy brain in the background

I find the comment thing about deafness so fucking insulting. "Some people reaaAAAAally love being born disabled and operating at a disadvantage from regular humans" what the actual fuck is this idiot spouting. You all certainly don't seem to LOVE being oPpREsSeD for BeiNg tRanS, and that's a condition you willingly chose for yourself. Why would people without a choice in it love it?!

This person is basically saying the exact same shit that we TERFs have been saying this whole damn time. But their cult has fucked with language so much even they can't keep up. Trans people, literally by transitioning(modifying their bodies to resemble that of the opposite sex) are the ones linking sex(physical characteristics like body shape) to gender(masculinity and femininity), not us. It's extremely hypocritical, and mind blowingly stupid.

The whole thing is wall-to-wall garbage, but I really want TRAs to explain why gender identity should take precedence over biological sex, especially since biological sex is a much better predictor of behavioral patterns and medical problems than gender identity.

It’s more validating (of gendered stereotypes) 🤪

He wants to throw away the classification system entirely, and yet complains that outliers are being “misclassified”.

Hmm. Can’t have it both ways.

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