If strangers misgender you as an adult, it doesn't mean anything, they are ignorant bigots, it in no way undermines the validity of your ladybrain. But if strangers misgender you when you're a potato, they're right.

From about eighteen months old:

From Stage 5 onwards your child will be able to say ‘no’ and ‘mine’ very clearly!! He or she will now use approximately 10 to 20 words, which includes peoples’ names. He or she will start to say two words together such as ‘all gone’ and ‘daddy bye-bye’. Sounds and words will be copied more accurately.

Don’t worry if your child’s words are not clear at this point. Your child will now know and say the names of a few objects. He or she will continue to babble, but with more meaningful words included.

This child has not yet achieved the level of 'daddy bye-bye'. Of course he doesn't mind when people call him by the wrong pronoun. He doesn't know what a fucking pronoun is.