Yeah I have to admit if I’d had the ultimate verbal gotcha on my sibling that would cause them to melt down as a kid and all it took was saying their real name I’d have been whipping that out all the time when a fight popped up.

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One of her comments, about the 4 yo:

"He was, honestly, the one I thought was trans from about age 3 because he loves wearing his sister's shirts that they've outgrown, will choose to put on a dress, plays with girl toys. Who knows. Could also be because he's the only boy under 10 with 2 big sisters so there's a lot of girl toys. He even packed around a baby doll for the longest time."

There is so much wrong with this I don't even know where to start. There just HAD to be a tRaNs kid, didn't it? I won't even address the sexism of "girl toys"...

It couldn't possibly be that he loves his sisters and so their shirts are special to him and he's proud to wear them, right? Heck, my son still wears some of MY old t-shirts as sleepshirts. And he looks ADORABLE in them. They have kitties and penguins and bunnies on them. What's not to like?

Conversely, I wore a ton of my brother's old clothes until I hit puberty. Some of it was because hand me downs are free, and some of it was because who DOESN'T want a monitor lizard shirt?

RIGHT?! Now that I think of it, I wore a lot of my Dad's old t-shirts as sleep shirts too. I would even steal his comfy giant sweatshirts and wear them when I was in college. I also bought t-shirts from the boys section often because that was the only place I could find Spiderman and Pokemon shirts.

All of this is just so ridiculous. The stereotypes drive me mad.

A four year old understands biology better than his parents? Damn, how embarrassing for them.

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So, is that 12 year old boy being gaslit? Groomed? Exposed to porn?

I fear for his sisters if he has any.

In the comments, she mentions she has two daughters. Poor girls.

Two actual daughters? My read of OP is that there are three kids: the trans “daughter”, the 9 yr petty dead-namer (presumed to be a girl) and the 4 yr who knows he’s a boy. I think the lady is counting her 12 yr spinny skirt as one of those daughters, unless there are more?

Do they even read "the emperor's new clothes" to kids anymore, or would it just hit too hard... All the examples of how to teach young people to follow the new rules, how to stop them from straying, the guidelines for getting kids to promise to correct themselves, are so obviously messed up, but people seem to be accepting that you can just learn a new way to speak and think because it's nicer and more inclusive. No questions, no criticism because that's bigotry, only rote practice to fit in properly - how is that in line with a leftist academic perspective? It's all upside down.

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How to help 4yo understand? posted by u/ladynutbar to r/cisparenttranskid

My 12yo recently came out as Trans. Her siblings are adapting pretty well with her new pronouns and name.

My 4yo really struggles. Like a lot. Argues that “Sibling is a boy like me. Sibling is dead name" which I do get it, it's hard at that age.

Anyway to guide him through this or do we just have to wait it out?

Also, how to get the 9yo from throwing “low blows" by deadnaming when they're bickering?

The kids living in reality are going to grow up so profoundly fucked up from their mother's gaslighting and abuse that my heart breaks to read this.