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....the TERFs are... coming for women who had cosmetic surgery to look like the Ideal Women... because they don't fit the TERF idea of an Ideal Woman, which is that women are women and the Ideal Woman doesn't exist. Okay. Here's your gold star.

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Exactly! Radfems believe that women can be GNC and are still women and just fine as they are, can have any kind of body and are still women and just fine as they are, and that “ideal women” are nothing but a patriarchal construct.

Meanwhile, libfems are pushing plastic surgery and pornofied visions of women onto teen girls, and TIMs (porn addicts that they are) are tweeting non-stop about trying to get “massive mommy milkers.” 🤮

Not to mention that libfems are teaching girls that if they hate all this “empowering” objectification and misogyny aimed at them, then they must actually be dudes and need surgery for that as well. We’re so mean for criticizing all of that. Clearly we’re “coming for women.” 🙄

It also betrays their misunderstanding, or will to lie about radfems to make us look hateful, that they think we would "come for" women who have had work done. I'm sure there are even rad fems who have, and who cares? We don't hate the women doing it, we hate that women feel like they have to do it. Just like prostitution, we don't hate the women and children caught up in it, we hate that they are caught up in it. Once again I'm reminded of the analogy that just because someone is against child labour, doesn't mean they hate children in sweatshops!