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What “vision of ideal women”? Women that feel self-confident in their own bodies and give zero fucks about male opinion, who refuse cosmetic plastic surgery for the male gaze? Ooh, scary! 😱 Aryan thinking?— give me a fucking break. 🤡

It’s the male-controlled plastic surgery industry (and entire beauty industry) that goes after women and tells them they aren’t “ideal” enough, not “TERFs,” dumbass. It works in tandem with men’s beloved porn industry, which are both quite racist as well as misogynistic, so there’s some of that Aryan thinking they’re searching for. They make billions off of misogyny and racism.

Libfems are the ones saying it’s eMpOwErInG for a teenage girl to get breast implants and a labiaplasty and cater to the useless opinions of slobby, fugly porn addicted male creeps about her perfectly fine, healthy body.