People who get plastic surgery aren't trying to get people fired and thrown in jail for wrongthink. They aren't raping female inmates, exposing themselves in locker rooms, or defunding domestic violence shelters.

Yeah, it's another example of the false parallels.

Like those who argue that we should not point out how many TIMs think being a woman requires being extremely sexualized in clothing and behavior (because that's how the male brain in AGP defines being a woman) because some women do that, too.

The TIMs are engaging in cultural appropriation and in ridiculing the culture they appropriate.

There are relevant parallels to be drawn between plastic surgery and medical transition (unethical doctors and therapists, risky procedures with no health benefits, target demographic with untreated mental health problems).

But there are two important differences. First, it's socially acceptable to criticize the cosmetic surgery industry. Second, cosmetic surgery isn't celebrated--if anything, it's stigmatized. Most people are rightly horrified at the idea of cosmetic surgery being marketed to minors. You won't see libraries hosting Rhinoplasty Story Hour. A teacher who secretly helped a student get a BBL would be fired.