Uh, yeah, by learning to love my Jewish nose after years of wanting rhinoplasty, I am totes conforming to Aryan ideals. Shut the fuck up.

I have thick dark hair on my arms and visible peach fuzz all over my body that I can't be arsed to and won't remove. my skin is also dark.

i suppose learning to love these things are... conforming to Aryan standards

I'm mixed race and have a flat nose. Ever since I was 11 or 12 I also wanted to get rhinoplasty so my nose could look more European and only this year I've learnt to love my nose. I still have other features that aren't the ideal and even if I don't love them, thanks to radical feminism I've just learnt to simply accept them.

But yeah, thats totally white supremacy.

[–] DoomedSibyl 5 points Edited

I have a big, hawkish, aquiline nose and I wanted a different nose when I was younger. I’m so glad now that I have my genuine face. I have learned to love my nose.

So...because TERF’s want women to be comfortable, confident and happy in their natural bodies, as nature intended and know a woman is a woman despite not fitting patriarchal standards....we have Aryan thinking?

It’s the plastic surgery industry telling women to get their features modified to fit a certain aesthetic (often women who don’t have features that fit western beauty standards for that matter!) THAT is Aryan thinking... from the same people who are totally cool with medical experiments on children....now, where have we seen that before? 🤔

I mean, if they include Indo-Aryan as Aryan, which includes the Punjab and Sikhs, who believe in bodies being born perfect the way they are and abhor body modification...

Then yes, anti-plastic surgery is an Aryan belief.

But something tells me that's not what they were going for.

Nazis were infamous for pushing the message of 'you're fine the way you are.'

[–] crodish 33 points Edited

....the TERFs are... coming for women who had cosmetic surgery to look like the Ideal Women... because they don't fit the TERF idea of an Ideal Woman, which is that women are women and the Ideal Woman doesn't exist. Okay. Here's your gold star.

[–] Apricot_Ibex 22 points Edited

Exactly! Radfems believe that women can be GNC and are still women and just fine as they are, can have any kind of body and are still women and just fine as they are, and that “ideal women” are nothing but a patriarchal construct.

Meanwhile, libfems are pushing plastic surgery and pornofied visions of women onto teen girls, and TIMs (porn addicts that they are) are tweeting non-stop about trying to get “massive mommy milkers.” 🤮

Not to mention that libfems are teaching girls that if they hate all this “empowering” objectification and misogyny aimed at them, then they must actually be dudes and need surgery for that as well. We’re so mean for criticizing all of that. Clearly we’re “coming for women.” 🙄

It also betrays their misunderstanding, or will to lie about radfems to make us look hateful, that they think we would "come for" women who have had work done. I'm sure there are even rad fems who have, and who cares? We don't hate the women doing it, we hate that women feel like they have to do it. Just like prostitution, we don't hate the women and children caught up in it, we hate that they are caught up in it. Once again I'm reminded of the analogy that just because someone is against child labour, doesn't mean they hate children in sweatshops!

If we came after anyone, it would be the surgeons. They are profiting from misogyny. Their patients are victims.

[–] Apricot_Ibex 16 points Edited

What “vision of ideal women”? Women that feel self-confident in their own bodies and give zero fucks about male opinion, who refuse cosmetic plastic surgery for the male gaze? Ooh, scary! 😱 Aryan thinking?— give me a fucking break. 🤡

It’s the male-controlled plastic surgery industry (and entire beauty industry) that goes after women and tells them they aren’t “ideal” enough, not “TERFs,” dumbass. It works in tandem with men’s beloved porn industry, which are both quite racist as well as misogynistic, so there’s some of that Aryan thinking they’re searching for. They make billions off of misogyny and racism.

Libfems are the ones saying it’s eMpOwErInG for a teenage girl to get breast implants and a labiaplasty and cater to the useless opinions of slobby, fugly porn addicted male creeps about her perfectly fine, healthy body.

So tired of these misogynistic gay wokebros who are TRAs in the streets but TERFs in the sheets.

[–] Yemaya 10 points Edited

Of course they would be against us being against plastic surgery.

I’m against plastic surgery because most people are fine the way they are. I know they HATE that concept, someone being fine the way they are. It’s risky and you can literally die from it. It’s expensive. Unless someone needs reconstructive surgery after trauma or an accident, really you’re fine how you are.

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 7 points

Wtf lmao. Does he mean “Nazi” thinking? Wtf does this have to do with Aryans?

It’s “Aryan thinking” because TERFs are promoting an elite race of...women who are comfortable enough in their own bodies not to buy into plastic surgery! Talk about nigh unattainable purity standards 😱

(Note to hate-readers: This doesn’t mean you’re irredeemable once you get plastic surgery. Pick up Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth and get reading.)

People who get plastic surgery aren't trying to get people fired and thrown in jail for wrongthink. They aren't raping female inmates, exposing themselves in locker rooms, or defunding domestic violence shelters.

Yeah, it's another example of the false parallels.

Like those who argue that we should not point out how many TIMs think being a woman requires being extremely sexualized in clothing and behavior (because that's how the male brain in AGP defines being a woman) because some women do that, too.

The TIMs are engaging in cultural appropriation and in ridiculing the culture they appropriate.

There are relevant parallels to be drawn between plastic surgery and medical transition (unethical doctors and therapists, risky procedures with no health benefits, target demographic with untreated mental health problems).

But there are two important differences. First, it's socially acceptable to criticize the cosmetic surgery industry. Second, cosmetic surgery isn't celebrated--if anything, it's stigmatized. Most people are rightly horrified at the idea of cosmetic surgery being marketed to minors. You won't see libraries hosting Rhinoplasty Story Hour. A teacher who secretly helped a student get a BBL would be fired.


Sorry, dude-bro, it’s men who push beauty ideals on women. How the fuck would you ever be able to even begin understanding this as a gay man?

Stay in your fucking lane.

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