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Jack Duncan, @ JackDunc1

The TERFs are coming for women with plastic surgery next it seems. Nothing dare dampen their vision of the ideal women. It's Aryan thinking all over again

Commiebro, @ Commieboi19

These people aren’t feminists.

Antonia Frances, @ antoniafrances

It is also great to see young women with fit, strong, healthy bodies, not very skinny or altered/distorted by plastic surgery.

[–] SakuraBlossoms transheight 7'3" 0 points Edited

Encouraging women to modify their bodies in ways pleasing to men is REAL feminism! Encouraging women to say YES to every sexual demand is REAL feminism!

You hate to see women be strong and healthy? You hate to see women at peace with themselves? You hate to see women thriving without cosmetic intervention?

Dude you just hate women lol.

Taken out of context, and applying their pessimism to it, I think they are reading the tweet as “all women should be a certain way, naturally, muscular, able bodied”, which isn’t what the tweet is saying obviously but I think that’s what’s happening here. I am thin because I’m not well and I do get annoyed with people thinking I’m doing it deliberately for aesthetics.

[–] spw 2 points

So crazy its literally plastic surgery that is trying to make all women look the same and push them to the social norm. That is closer to "aryan thinking"

Radical feminists have been against cosmetic plastic surgery forever... this is not new lmao


Sorry, dude-bro, it’s men who push beauty ideals on women. How the fuck would you ever be able to even begin understanding this as a gay man?

Stay in your fucking lane.

Uh, yeah, by learning to love my Jewish nose after years of wanting rhinoplasty, I am totes conforming to Aryan ideals. Shut the fuck up.

I have thick dark hair on my arms and visible peach fuzz all over my body that I can't be arsed to and won't remove. my skin is also dark.

i suppose learning to love these things are... conforming to Aryan standards

I'm mixed race and have a flat nose. Ever since I was 11 or 12 I also wanted to get rhinoplasty so my nose could look more European and only this year I've learnt to love my nose. I still have other features that aren't the ideal and even if I don't love them, thanks to radical feminism I've just learnt to simply accept them.

But yeah, thats totally white supremacy.

[–] DoomedSibyl 5 points Edited

I have a big, hawkish, aquiline nose and I wanted a different nose when I was younger. I’m so glad now that I have my genuine face. I have learned to love my nose.

[–] Yemaya 10 points Edited

Of course they would be against us being against plastic surgery.

I’m against plastic surgery because most people are fine the way they are. I know they HATE that concept, someone being fine the way they are. It’s risky and you can literally die from it. It’s expensive. Unless someone needs reconstructive surgery after trauma or an accident, really you’re fine how you are.

[–] [Deleted] Lvl5 Laser Lotus 7 points

Wtf lmao. Does he mean “Nazi” thinking? Wtf does this have to do with Aryans?

It’s “Aryan thinking” because TERFs are promoting an elite race of...women who are comfortable enough in their own bodies not to buy into plastic surgery! Talk about nigh unattainable purity standards 😱

(Note to hate-readers: This doesn’t mean you’re irredeemable once you get plastic surgery. Pick up Naomi Wolf’s The Beauty Myth and get reading.)

Thank goodness women have Jack Duncan sticking up for us. How dare radical feminists advocate for women to exist naturally without being conditioned to conform to beauty norms through medically unnecessary interventions?

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