I especially liked the part where they say we have no evidence of predatory men, as if we haven’t been meticulously documenting this shit. Future historians will be using our collections of primary sources when they write about the 21st century Dark Age. (Not hyperbole, btw. Empires falling, anti-intellectualism such as Flat Earthers, climate change deniers, and the anti-biology of TRAs, social deterioration in the form of tribalism and depravity, enormous economic imbalance - there are so many parallels and it think it’s strange that it’s not talked about more)

I wonder about this, and often. They claim we have no receipts, but then I've never seen them ask for them because they know the response would be ridiculously overwhelming.

Additionally, it's telling that, unlike the women of ovarit that document their incessant and oftentimes repulsive fuckery, I've rarely seen them taking screenshots of the posts and arguments we make here. But I do see plenty doctored/photoshopped screenshots of nonsense that women in this forum would never say -- one, because it would violate the rules of this site, and, two, because they tend to be just really fucking dumb. Like, if you're going to post a "screenshot" of an ovarit post, at least do some research and read the website rules. 🙄

[–] PearPuddin 8 points Edited

They never talk about the high profile cases of predatory men(TIMs). Which is strange considering there are very high profile trans internet personalities.

Just some examples off the top of my head.

  • Wi Spa featuring Darren Merager

  • Chris Chan

  • Amiee Challenge featuring her pedo dad

  • Marina Volz aka Mathew Volz

  • Loudoun County rape case featuring school children

I've never seen Trans influencers or even TRAs engage meaningfully with these stories ever.

GenCyn has been really reaching lately. I almost feel embarrassed for them. I saw one post the other day trying to claim antisemitism because some GC used the word kosher. Even the other people at GenCyn were like, no, dude, that’s a stretch.

They say we have no receipts while at the same time deleting all articles and receipts we collect about their own bullshit.

No evidence of predatory men lmao despite only making up 50% of the population, men are responsible for 99% of raped, 95% of murders and make up 95% of the prison population. The famous article, transvestic fetishism in the general population claims some 20% of AGP males admitted to being pedophiles. They also have a high probability to possess various other misogynistic fetishes, such as peeping, flashing and violating women's boundaries by getting erect listening to women urinate and defecate.

I came to comment on this. When we bring proof they just ignore it. You could have in your face proof and they'll never address it.

Hello Wi Spa! Darren was a sex offender who has a history of flashing. I saw so many Trans people jump on the bandwagon that Wi Spa was a hoax. Such as Kat Blanque, Samantha Lux, Jessie Gender, etc.

After it came out that Darren was there and is a convicted predator, only one TIM, that I saw, made a follow up video. That TIM was Jessie Gender. And he tap danced around the subject and used alleged a lot.

The subject being, Darren is a man using trans inclusive laws like gender ID to get into female spaces. So what do we do about that?

Jessie wouldn't admit the obvious. Women do have a right to be scared of males and their dicks. This was after women were attacked and beat up at protest because we don't want to share spaces with penis people.

So, we’re not allowed to “center our own experiences” in feminism? Our female experiences are the core of feminism 😂

TiMs can talk about what life is like as a woman but we can't. Yay. "Feminism."

A general rule of thumb is that you can't center your own experiences in anything, but you're not allowed to speak up about anyone else's experiences either because it's not your place.

[–] Hera 37 points Edited

I thoroughly welcome them to call women who call out their cult "FARTS" because it highlights how childishly immature and foolish they are, and will make it very, very hard for the public at large to take them seriously.

EDIT: ALSO. They say that patriarchy is is a false product of Western feminism, yet in the same note turn around and claim transpeople are victims of patriarchy? Pick one. If patriarchy isn't real, then transpeople can't be "overwhelmingly" victims of it. If it is real (which it is) then, yes, men = oppressors and women = oppressed. The only trans victims of patriarchy are transmen because they are actually women.

Yep - I also thoroughly support them demanding TERFs give proof of our claims. Please do demand this as publicly as possible, we have tons and are happy to share!

This is such shite 😂

-Radical feminists believe Female = woman and Male = man (you know...basic biology/language)

-Men, however they dress/act/think benefit from the patriarchal oppression of women. All men. Even the good ones, even the ones who may be oppressed on the basis of skin colour, or class, physical ability or sexual orientation.

-Women, however they dress/act/think are oppressed and marginalised in this male centric world on the basis of their sex. Even if they are not oppressed on the basis of skin colour, class, physical ability or sexual orientation.

-Humans, being either male or female, fit into one of these two categories and since sex is biological, immutable and encoded in every cell in our body, cannot identify out of or into the other sex class. That is physically impossible.

-Transgenderism is just the latest in continuous, targeted persecution of women, by men. Transgenderism is appalling misogyny and narcissism. It is repellant. Womanhood is existing as a female, in a female body. NOT an idea or performance by a male.

To any TRA lurkers; wanting to be something (whatever your motives may be) doesn’t make you that thing. A male human is a man; fuck his feelings, his special “identity” and his misguided concept of womanhood. We are not playing mindless, pandering word games to protect him from the truth. All males can get the fuck out of our spaces. We are done with it.

👏👏👏 So articulate and clear. Excellent points for clear argument and debate. I’m going to try and put them in my repertoire because you really nailed it.

Aww thankyou 💚 I think rage and indignation make me more articulate tbh 😂

Apparently the man who wrote this is a lecturer in "education and social work" at the university of Auckland. https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0772-7889

Literally looks like a rushed piece of homework by a 12 year old

[–] Moonpriestess 9 points Edited

Literally looks like a rushed piece of homework by a 12 year old

Exactly the amount of effort I expect from a man.

And the content is what I expected too. They love to use a lot of words but rarely get to the point.

I know it’s so pitiful. Not much intellectual firepower behind this one.

how do we define the "patriarchy" we are "survivors of" without... you know... examining the differences that they just criticized the examination of

They really think "patriarchy" magically came into existence like some sexless fairy and it randomly attached itself to the male "gender", instead of realizing the obvious "men are physically stronger than women. this means they can physically subdue and control them" reality of history.

[–] BlackCirce enby jinping 23 points Edited

Why is this logic not used for any. other. radical. movement? That's the only question you need.

I'll break it down

Why aren't white people who feel black, or Native American, or Asian centered in racial justice movements? Why is the social structure to be resisted called "white supremacy" instead of cisracial white supremacy?

Why aren't abled people who wish they were disabled centered in the disability rights movement? Why isn't the power structure to be dismantled called "cisableism"?

Why aren't thin people who feel fat (eg anorexics) centered in the fat liberation movement? Why isn't the social structure to be resisted called "cissizeism"?

Why aren't rich people / capitalists who fetishize working class aesthetics or who identify with working class culture centered in the worker's movement? Why isn't the social structure to be resisted called ciscapitalism or cisclassism?

I completely agree with your point, though I do need to point something out: anorexic people are not "thin people who feel fat," they have a very serious mental disorder that is way more than just wanting to be thin. You also kind of imply that anorexic people are "appropriating" fat people in the way TIMs appropriate women, which is just gross. Other than that, you're spot-on.

Perhaps one of the most insulting bits there is the accusation that us wanting accurate sex language to acknowledge the factual reality that females are the victim of male violence is us just needing a “enemy”

TERFs might: Shut arguments down when they are called out

Ways to respond: disengage from toxic interactions

I have to hand to these clowns that at least they know how to deliver a joke 🤡

This. Their "ways to respond" guidance includes:

  • ask for "non-existent" evidence (Yaniv, Chris Chan, and the Wi Spa felon say hi)
  • disengage
  • don't engage
  • say 'la la la' with your fingers in your ears
  • "be an ally"

Trans women are often positioned as predatory men in disguise (despite having no evidence for this)


Radical feminism defines the roots of women's oppression in the fact that women are a sex class, and that the desire to control women's bodies and reproductive systems is the root reason (the radical one) for sex-based oppression.

So everything in that statement fails because it is not based on the correct definition. If feminism redefines women, in general, as something different from members of the female sex class then it stops being feminism. Not sure what it then becomes, perhaps another alphabet movement?, but in any case that kind of feminism couldn't address the treatment of women in so many places like Aftghanistan, say, because the treatment is based on sex, not on some inner feelings about some unicorny concept of gender identity.

The bit about power being some kind of a diffuse thing, later in the creed, comes directly from queer theory, and I suspect that this person is a queer theorist. Queer theory is about queering everything, not about getting justice for anyone, and certainly not for women and girls.

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