I especially liked the part where they say we have no evidence of predatory men, as if we haven’t been meticulously documenting this shit. Future historians will be using our collections of primary sources when they write about the 21st century Dark Age. (Not hyperbole, btw. Empires falling, anti-intellectualism such as Flat Earthers, climate change deniers, and the anti-biology of TRAs, social deterioration in the form of tribalism and depravity, enormous economic imbalance - there are so many parallels and it think it’s strange that it’s not talked about more)

No evidence of predatory men lmao despite only making up 50% of the population, men are responsible for 99% of raped, 95% of murders and make up 95% of the prison population. The famous article, transvestic fetishism in the general population claims some 20% of AGP males admitted to being pedophiles. They also have a high probability to possess various other misogynistic fetishes, such as peeping, flashing and violating women's boundaries by getting erect listening to women urinate and defecate.