I wonder about this, and often. They claim we have no receipts, but then I've never seen them ask for them because they know the response would be ridiculously overwhelming.

Additionally, it's telling that, unlike the women of ovarit that document their incessant and oftentimes repulsive fuckery, I've rarely seen them taking screenshots of the posts and arguments we make here. But I do see plenty doctored/photoshopped screenshots of nonsense that women in this forum would never say -- one, because it would violate the rules of this site, and, two, because they tend to be just really fucking dumb. Like, if you're going to post a "screenshot" of an ovarit post, at least do some research and read the website rules. 🙄

GenCyn has been really reaching lately. I almost feel embarrassed for them. I saw one post the other day trying to claim antisemitism because some GC used the word kosher. Even the other people at GenCyn were like, no, dude, that’s a stretch.