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TERFs might

Attack trans folks or incite violence

Um, what? We're not the ones posing with pink-and-blue baseball bats.

Deny violence


Centre their own experience

Not be held accountable

Use 'offence' as a diversion

projector whirring

Shut arguments down when they are called out


But also, faithful TRAs, make sure that you shut arguments down when you're called out.

Ways To Respond

Disengage from toxic interactions

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Image Transcription: Brochure


  • AMAB: assigned male at birth

  • AFAB: assigned female at birth

  • Cis: a person who is congruent with their assigned gender at birth

  • Cis-HeteroNorms: pressure to conform to narrow standards of gender and sexuality

  • FART: feminism appropriating reactionary transphobes

  • TERF; trans exclusionary radical transphobes

  • Trans; An umbrella term for people who are incongruent with the gender they were assigned at birth


Linstaad & Pollen (2006): Gender as multiplicity

Katteri & Begun (2017): On the margins of marginalized

Trans Murder Monitoring Project — https://transrespect.org/en/research/trans-murdermonitoring/

Williams (2016) Radical Inclusion

Guide to being a trans ally: https://www.the519.org/

[Trans logo of a circle incorporating the Venus, Mars and amalgamated Venus-Mars symbols, with the addition of a raised fist inside the circle; a trans version of a classic feminist icon.]

The Why And Wherefore

This brochure recognizes that trans- exclusionary ioeology often infects feminist circles. Due to the prevalence of these harmful beliefs, this brochure deconstructs TERF logic in the hope that:

1) It might persuade some TERFs to change their minds

2) It can provide a resource for trans activists who are confronted by TERFs

3) It can safeguard against the indoctrinisation of vulnerable members pf the feminist community

Unpacking TERF Logic

By And Pasley

What is Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism?

  • TERFs believe trans women aren't women & trans men aren't men

  • TERFs often feel that trans people are undermining "women's" rights

  • Trans women ae often positioned as predatory men in disguise (despite having no evidence for this)

  • Trans men are often positioned as 'confused' lesbians

  • These politics undermine trans people's ability to live free of harm and participate in society

TERFs might

  • Call themselves ‘gender critical'
  • Attack trans folks or incite violence
  • Deny violence
  • Centre their own experience
  • Not respect pronouns or names
  • Not be held accountable
  • Use 'offence' as a diversion
  • Invade safe spaces or claim that trans people make spaces unsafe
  • Shut arguments down when they are called out

Why treat trans people this way?

TERFs are invested in the gender binary for various reasons. incl:

  • Identity-based (Western) feminism has traditionally pitted men and women against each other (men = oppressor; women = oppressed)

  • To TERFs, vaginas = women and penises = men

  • Like all people, TERFs are survivors of patriarchy {which privileges cis- heteronormative masculinities) and many experience trauma

  • Subsequently, AMAB trans people might feel threatening;

  • AFAB trans people might seem like deserters (leaving Team Woman)

  • And rejecting the binary means there is no clear 'enemy'

In Reality

  • Gender is far more than the binary and power dynamics are complex and not universal
  • Tran people are also survivors of the patriarchy and significantly more likely to experience violence because of it ( particularly if they are multiply marginalized)
  • Equating bodies with gender (and character) is the same logic that misogynists use
  • Some trans people do bad things, because they are people, not because they are trans
  • Radical feminism has been historically trans-inclusive
  • TERFs: 'feminist' branch of fascism

Ways To Respond

  • Demand evidence for TERF claims
  • Disengage from toxic interactions
  • Conserve your resources
  • Call them what they are: FARTs
  • Be an ally

TERFs might: Shut arguments down when they are called out

Ways to respond: disengage from toxic interactions

I have to hand to these clowns that at least they know how to deliver a joke 🤡

This. Their "ways to respond" guidance includes:

  • ask for "non-existent" evidence (Yaniv, Chris Chan, and the Wi Spa felon say hi)
  • disengage
  • don't engage
  • say 'la la la' with your fingers in your ears
  • "be an ally"

Trans women are often positioned as predatory men in disguise (despite having no evidence for this)


It doesn’t look like they “unpacked” anything here. They haven’t countered any claim with facts or evidence.

I especially liked the part where they say we have no evidence of predatory men, as if we haven’t been meticulously documenting this shit. Future historians will be using our collections of primary sources when they write about the 21st century Dark Age. (Not hyperbole, btw. Empires falling, anti-intellectualism such as Flat Earthers, climate change deniers, and the anti-biology of TRAs, social deterioration in the form of tribalism and depravity, enormous economic imbalance - there are so many parallels and it think it’s strange that it’s not talked about more)

No evidence of predatory men lmao despite only making up 50% of the population, men are responsible for 99% of raped, 95% of murders and make up 95% of the prison population. The famous article, transvestic fetishism in the general population claims some 20% of AGP males admitted to being pedophiles. They also have a high probability to possess various other misogynistic fetishes, such as peeping, flashing and violating women's boundaries by getting erect listening to women urinate and defecate.

I came to comment on this. When we bring proof they just ignore it. You could have in your face proof and they'll never address it.

Hello Wi Spa! Darren was a sex offender who has a history of flashing. I saw so many Trans people jump on the bandwagon that Wi Spa was a hoax. Such as Kat Blanque, Samantha Lux, Jessie Gender, etc.

After it came out that Darren was there and is a convicted predator, only one TIM, that I saw, made a follow up video. That TIM was Jessie Gender. And he tap danced around the subject and used alleged a lot.

The subject being, Darren is a man using trans inclusive laws like gender ID to get into female spaces. So what do we do about that?

Jessie wouldn't admit the obvious. Women do have a right to be scared of males and their dicks. This was after women were attacked and beat up at protest because we don't want to share spaces with penis people.

I wonder about this, and often. They claim we have no receipts, but then I've never seen them ask for them because they know the response would be ridiculously overwhelming.

Additionally, it's telling that, unlike the women of ovarit that document their incessant and oftentimes repulsive fuckery, I've rarely seen them taking screenshots of the posts and arguments we make here. But I do see plenty doctored/photoshopped screenshots of nonsense that women in this forum would never say -- one, because it would violate the rules of this site, and, two, because they tend to be just really fucking dumb. Like, if you're going to post a "screenshot" of an ovarit post, at least do some research and read the website rules. 🙄

They say we have no receipts while at the same time deleting all articles and receipts we collect about their own bullshit.

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They never talk about the high profile cases of predatory men(TIMs). Which is strange considering there are very high profile trans internet personalities.

Just some examples off the top of my head.

  • Wi Spa featuring Darren Merager

  • Chris Chan

  • Amiee Challenge featuring her pedo dad

  • Marina Volz aka Mathew Volz

  • Loudoun County rape case featuring school children

I've never seen Trans influencers or even TRAs engage meaningfully with these stories ever.

GenCyn has been really reaching lately. I almost feel embarrassed for them. I saw one post the other day trying to claim antisemitism because some GC used the word kosher. Even the other people at GenCyn were like, no, dude, that’s a stretch.

Perhaps one of the most insulting bits there is the accusation that us wanting accurate sex language to acknowledge the factual reality that females are the victim of male violence is us just needing a “enemy”

Oh, yay, yet another they didn’t read a damn thing we say diatribe

So, we’re not allowed to “center our own experiences” in feminism? Our female experiences are the core of feminism 😂

A general rule of thumb is that you can't center your own experiences in anything, but you're not allowed to speak up about anyone else's experiences either because it's not your place.

TiMs can talk about what life is like as a woman but we can't. Yay. "Feminism."

The "Why and Wherefore" section is my favourite. Watch out, gyns! Read at your own risk of being utterly devastated by trans logic. This document could really mess with my indoctrination efforts!!

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Why are they all so bad at graphic design?

Despite caring so much about aesthetics, they actually care very little about how their actions might be perceived, and whether said actions might pose a hindrance to others? Graphic design requires you to put yourself into the observer’s shoes at all times, a skill that hardcore TRAs plainly don’t have in abundance.

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