Article about a new church that has made gender transitioning a religious ritual in response to laws preventing transitioning of children.

Article text: This Religion Fights LGBTQ+ Discrimination A Secular Church I Hope Receives Government Recognition [Photo]

In the midst of waves of American anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, it’s refreshing to learn about the Church of Prismatic Light.

Tiffany Holloway started this church to support her son and other LGBTQ+ people facing discrimation. They live in Oklahoma, and he is trans. After hearing about an evil Alabama bill passed that bans gender-affirming medical care for teens, he declared that he would want to die if that were the case in his state. As a result, Holloway founded the Church of Prismatic Light. It doesn’t require people to have any particular spiritual beliefs. The church, instead, centers around validating LGBTQ+ people and supporting individuality.

The meetings are streamed on Tik Tok, and they also have videos. I’m linking their Tik Tok page below. Alongside offering support and donating to help LGBTQ+ children and teens who are stigmatized or face dangerous legislation, this church could also become a pathway to having constitutional protections. Since the church demonstrates LGBTQ+ rights as the basis of its religion, discrimination against gay and trans people would violate the constitutional guarantee of religious freedom if the government acknowledges it. I really hope that the Church of Prismatic Light receives government recognition as a religious organization. It offers the potential to really benefit the fight for LGBTQ+ rights.

They have seven tenets focusing on things such as the value of the individual, marriage equality, reproductive rights, and the right to gender-affirming treatment. On their website, they have a separate list of values. These include a statement that individuality is what makes people sacred. I love that because it goes directly against the antiquated and oppressive belief that everyone needs to conform. It combats the othering of LGBTQ+ people.

Very aware of the current U.S. political scene, they also say “abortion is a safe and practical healthcare and is not sinful.” I appreciate their feminist stance. Listing transitioning as one of their rituals, they state that it’s holy. By making it a ritual, they have an opportunity to more easily battle the U.S. laws hurting young trans people. At the same time, they make even more clear how trans inclusive they are; they make it simple for people to get new membership certificates when they embrace new names. [Photo]

This church has really easy baptism rituals that members can use if they choose. One involves tossing glitter, and the other just requires sunlight. The person declares, 'may the light of the Prism shine through me as it does all beings.'

The new organization is already generating excitement. They’ve created a page on reddit, and their thread “Welcome to the Church of Prismatic Light!” has responses from people throughout the U.S. I’m amused that some people on the thread joke about how thrilled their families will be that they’re finally exploring religion. It’s great to see people embracing LGBTQ+ rights and acceptance, and learning about this church offers some hope."