It was only a matter of time for TRAs to start a literal cult. If the founder’s young daughter said she would be suicidal if she can’t mutilate her body, she should have received proper psychiatric care. Instead, her attention-seeking Munchausen parent started up a kool aid drinking club.

Just like all religion (IMO), transgenderism is another “feelings over facts” validation festival. It can’t be anything else because religion relies on delusions and denial of reality and trans ideology is nothing BUT delusion.

How “lovely” that it also comes with misogyny pre-installed in its dogma. Wouldn’t want just ONE religion out there that celebrates and centers WOMEN. Gotta trans all the girls who hate living under patriarchy!

Listing transitioning as one of their rituals, they state that it’s holy. By making it a ritual, they have an opportunity to more easily battle the U.S. laws hurting young trans people.

Great. So another woman hating religion that believes FGM is holy. We didn’t have enough of that! /s