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[ˌmenstro͞oˈāSH(ə)n, menˈstrāSH(ə)n]


the process in a woman of discharging blood and other materials from the lining of the uterus at intervals of about one lunar month from puberty until menopause, except during pregnancy.

And likewise




a flow of blood and other material from the lining of the uterus, occurring in nonpregnant women at intervals of about 28 days between puberty and menopause and typically lasting for a few days:

"she's got her period"

It's incredible that in the age of information, so many men don't have access to a dictionary. Also impressed to see Oxford hasn't resorted to language erasure here.

They say their cramps counts as a period because the original usage came from a "period of time" and they're symptoms are cyclical.

It's like a man saying he's on his period because he has morning wood and that happens cyclically too.