George was a girl, not a trans guy. Tomboys used to be allowed to exist as females. Not like today, where if a girl catches a frog, she must really be a boy, because all girls without exception find frogs, let me check my notes, ah yes, icky.

I absolutely loved George because she was just like me. A tomboy who went by the masculine form of her name and wasn't forced to be part of all the stupid girly stuff that I hated.

What are the famous five

A series of books written by Enid Blyton in the 1940s. About a group of five children who go on adventures/solve crimes. They are wonderful and a big part of a lot of Brits' childhoods.

They feature a girl, George (Georgina) who hates being a girl and wears boys' clothes etc.

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Wtf does that even mean as a response to the original tweet?

Sure Frank thats why the book contained a scene of her doing it with the rest of the group.

No no no, I found a kindred soul with myself and George when I was a child. She's a tomboy and she is female and Enid Blyton never meant anything else by it other than girls can be as adventurous, cheeky, and outgoing while also rocking corduroy trousers and a woollen vest.

She wasn't for one moment written as gender dysphoric just because she rejected the "feminine" ideals of her time. She was written as a girl with a different personality and that bucking the norm is common and as normal an experience of being female as anything George's sister Anne says or does.

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The Famous Five includes a trans boy. Odd that no-one ever noticed this. Let your kids be kids. Including trans kids, if that's what they are.

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When I was small I hunted for caterpillars, spiders, I dipped a net in a stream for tiddlers, played football and cricket in the park, went on bike rides with mum and dad, played with plastic soldiers. No one ever mentioned genders or pronouns. Let your kids be kids. @ GBNEWS