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This is truscum, they are trans people (mostly FTM) that say in order to be trans you have to have dysphoria and most of them are transmeds also (in order to be considered trans you have to take steps towards medical transition such as taking hormones or some surgery). AKA "hatekeeping". This is in contrast to the "tucutes" they say that the pre-everything trans ppl are valid, no need to socially or medically transition, aka "transtrenders". Most of the uwu catgirl skirt go spinny TIM variety are "tucutes". So there is a male/female dichotomy here also, with the females lining up (mostly, nothing is 100%) with the "truscum/transmed" side and the males lining up with the "tucute" side. All of these terms come from tumblr BTW.

You should start a blog 'I look at Tumblr so you don't have to' modelled on the 'We watch Fox so you don't have to' people.

The sad thing is I only know this from following some radfems on tumblr, I have avoided as best I could the more extreme parts of tumblr but occasionally the weirdness spills over (like I found out about people getting tics from tiktok and stuff like shifting and otherkins) from people reblogging stuff. Mostly I follow aesthetic and lifestyle tumblrs. I'm not looking for the weirdness, it just appears.