I always wonder, especially in any forum for lgbt, if someone claiming to be a "cis woman" is actually a woman. I usually conclude it is not a woman and that is probably usually correct since there are few actual women left anymore on any supposed lgbt site that allows "trans".

There are so many clues. What is said, how it is framed, the wording/phrasing, the syntax, the male vs female way of making a point, sometimes even just a single word that a woman would never use in a particular context. This passage may just be handmaidenish but reeks more of self-defense. This person claiming to be a "cis woman" says a "transwoman's period" is not the same as hers but "neither is a cis woman's". Doesn't she mean another "cis woman's"?

I no longer believe actual women post in any trans-related forums on Reddit.